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There Will Be Games

It's that fun time of year again when all these amazing movies are out and I'm scrambling to see as many of them as I can. A month ago, I had a pretty solid view on what the top ten movies were for the year, and in just a few weeks, it's all changed. This one actually knocked A Quiet Place off my list, sadly.

James Baldwin's book-turned-screenplay gives one of the more desperate, stark and absolutely naked tales of why he ultimately decided to leave America himself. Beauty, innocence and joy just turned to despair and hopelessness, all barely being held together by love.

You won't be able to mistake the director of Moonlight behind this as well. Tons of close-ups, lots of extra time spent on faces and character portrayals. Very powerful. I'm probably going to be the only person that preferred Moonlight to this, however.

The scene in the department store at the perfume counter is transformative in how it speaks to an entire culture's treatment in just a few exchanges. Brilliant and important storytelling. On the opposite side of the hard spectrum, the scene with the in-laws is worth the price of admission alone. I wish there had been more of that.

I got asked coming out of the theatre if I liked it, but for once I just wasn’t able to talk about the movie. I really need to think. Shortly later, I felt the need to have a conversation about social justice over a terrible Philly steak sandwich. I'm sure you will too, just skip the sandwich.

Heart rating: 5 stars (only cuz the person i was with cried a bunch)

Brain rating: 4.5 stars (this one is another thinker for sure)

There Will Be Games

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