The Dragon Con Report (or, Don't Cry Elektra, Daredevil will make it all better)

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There Will Be Games

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This week's Cracked LCD is about the gaming at Dragon Con. After a fashion. See, I don't really do much gaming at Dragon Con. I get to play games once a week, so why bother spending four days doing it mostly with people I don't know?

I don't really get con gaming, to be honest. There's so much going on, so many friends around, and so many other options to spend the time on that being hunkered down over a 8, 9, 10 hour game is pretty much the last thing I want to do. I guess I understand if you're one of those people who never get to game regularly. But also, I like to game mostly with friends and the thought of playing games with a bunch of random con-goers makes me queasy. I've done it before, and paid the price. A six hour game of SCEPTER OF ZAVANDOR, for example.

But yeah, my 17th Dragon Con was good times, and almost everybody from the old AGF crew showed up which is nice. The guests were better than usual. The combined power of Shatner, Nimoy, and Stewart almost single-handedly brought Trek back to the convention. I saw Shatner and Nimoy, but Stewart was tucked away in a hidden room where no one could see him without standing in line for hours.

I really, really wanted to get my BSG character cards signed by the actors that were there, but doing so would have cost about $25 a pop. I did get to see Richard Hatch turned away at a restaraunt as we were being seated. We also saw most of the BSG folk stumble out of a hotel bar, which was pretty funny.

I do find it very telling that the most nasty, foul, and filthy bathroom I was in at any point during the entire weekend was the one in the gaming area.

There Will Be Games

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