Essen Spiel 2009 Preview

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There Will Be Games

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It's time again for the sort-of-annual Fortress: Ameritrash Essen Preview!  Get ready, because you won't want to miss out on the excitement this year!


1. Die Siebens von Catan/The Sevens of Catan



A follow-up to the popular Catan Event Cards, this mini-expansion addresses fans' frequent requests for a luck-free version of the game. Compatible with all Catan expansions. Includes two custom wooden dice, rule sheet.

2. Bohnen-flick


Fans of Pitch Car, take note! Bringing the popular dexterity game genre into the Bohnanza universe, this title awards valuable Bohnen-talers to players who successfully flick their beans. Can also be played cooperatively. Solitaire variant included.

3. Race for the Galaxy Player Screens

The ultimate accessory for the fan of Race for the Galaxy. Similar in purpose and function to a Dungeon Master Screen, each side of this die-cut cardstock screen features a comprehensive legend explaining the various symbols on the Race for the Galaxy cards (including expansions), while simultaneously ensuring that players do not make eye contact or interact verbally during game play.

4. Age of Steam Limited Collectors' Lawsuit Edition

Packaged in a collectible metal box, this limited edition of FRED's Age of Steam includes an exact replica of the contract between Martin Wallace and Eagle Games so that you can fail to keep it on file, lose it while moving house, or simply deny its existence.

5. Reiner Knizia's Giant Cock

The latest entry in Zoch Spiele's Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke line, this game pits the husbands of the perennially popular Zoch hens against one another in a rousing contest of oneupmanship.  This international edition includes metric and imperial variants.

6. Fantasy Flight Games


The Minnesota-based publisher will be unveiling a large-box game and two new titles in their massive coffin-box format.  Insiders report that the new items will be the long-anticipated Where the Wild Things Are Trivia Game,  Nintendo Big Brain Academy: The Board Game, and G-Force: Fantasy Battles. Prepainted metal miniatures for the latter will be sold separately.

7. Carcassonne Collectible Tile Game (CTG)

Sealed boosters will contain 8 tiles (5 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 rare) that each player may use to supplement his tile deck.  Rares include Three-way Intersection Mox, Dual Meadows, and Castle Wall with Two Mana Symbols.  The base Carcassonne game has been rebranded Carcassonne Collectible Tile Game Starter Box. Compatible with Carcassonne: The Catapult and Carcassonne: We've Run Out of Ideas.

There Will Be Games Essen
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