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After a few months of heated conflict it is time to check in on the combatants and see what is up with the race to claim the title of TI3 Bad Ass.

I have been meaning to provide regular updates on the F:AT invitational Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition game currently being played on the ti3wiki site . Well as these things go there really is not too much to report on a weekly basis. We have been playing now for quite some time and we are only on round 3, a pace that is pretty good for an 8 player online game.


 Anyway as things stand now there are 2 objectives revealed:

  • I am Blockading an Opponent's Space Dock (1vp)
  • I control Mecatol Rex (1vp) 

An no one has been able to claim any of them (although i expect that some may by the end of round 3.)


Current deployment looks as follows.


 No Image


As you can almost see from the image most of the Races are faring quite well, The Muaat have had some minor setbacks, but do not count them out of it yet.


More information to come later.



There Will Be Games TI3 Malloc
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