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OK, I've recieved several emails and a phone call asking where today's Cracked LCD is.  I kept thinking that maybe Bill Abner had finally had enough of my crap and decided that he would not run this year's Dragon Con 2010 report. Either that or the makers of MAFIA II gave him some concrete shoes.

Come to find out, I was just dumb and sent my column to Abner's Gmail account, which he uses solely for doling out work schedules and assignments. Doh.

So at some point in the next 24 hours, you will be able to go to Gameshark.com and see what I thought about this year's show. It's much like last year and every year since 1992, when I first went. Fat people, bad smells, terrible art, a little gaming, aging TV and movie stars like Larry Hagman whose star power has faded and failed celebrities like Brandon Routh, patiently signing autographs while waiting to die.

Don't expect ribald tales of Saturnalian gaming excess like you'd get from a Steve Avery report.  He wouldn't even come, presumably because he doesn't "do" ITP (Inside the Perimeter, meaning I-285) events. Instead he went to some hoity toity to-do at Richard Launius' clubhouse.

So, if one of you F:ATties would be so kind, please link in the comments below when it shows up- I'm off to the Hellfire Club for gaming this evening.

Link: DragonCon 2010

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