There Will Be Games Act V: But Is It Heaven or Las Vegas?

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There Will Be Games

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This has got to be the best postcard I've ever seen

Bill Abner told me last week that TWBG Act IV pulled in some 12,000 readers.  I have to say I'm pretty shocked that several times as many people read my column than there are copies of AGRICOLA in existence, but then again this is the Internet...

So this week, we're Vegas bound and heading out the GAMA trade show, where I got to see first hand how lazy and sad the hobby industry has become.  It was a good experience though, if only to put the industry in perspective.  When I say "trade show", anybody in retail probably has a certain set of expectations.  Well, GAMA is more like an exhibit hall at your local con but the general public isn't invited and you can't buy anything unless it's by the case or rack.

And if you're ever in Vegas and you dig Mediterranian food like I do, make sure you hit up this joint called Paymon's.  It's way off the strip so tipsy tourist don't wander out there, but it's worth the drive for their potatoes alone.

There Will Be Games

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