Ultra-Rare AT Game discovered in Nixon's Attic

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The great-grandson of former President Nixon has discovered a relic from Nixon's heydays in the Eighties. Skeeter Nixon, age 15 was rummaging through his great-grandparent's attic when he discovered a board game with what he claims had a "pretty sweet" cover.

The junior Nixon says, " My parents were downstairs playing a lame ass accountant's game called Porto Reeko? When they asked me if I wanted to play I said "Fuck No!" So I went upstairs to the attic? and I was lookin' thru the old dude's shit, y'know for stuff I could sell in Ebay? and I found some old titties mags in a box? and when I got to the bottom of the box? there was this board game. At first I thought it was some shitty kids game but when I saw" Blue Dong" and Meat Cleaver" on the box I thought woah! this looks fuckin' cool."

What Skeeter had found, was the never released board game "Rorschach, the Watchmen game", a rare toy created by Veidt Entertainment shortly after the Alien Attack, featuring the masked psychotic vigilante Rorschach. Pressures from parent groups and amendments to the Keene Act, forced Adrien Veidt to shelve the game before it hit toy stores.

It's value has been estimated at over $300,000 as only 5 were created. Out of the five, 3 were allegedly destroyed and two disappeared. How the former President obtained a copy remains a mystery.

"This is going to make all the kids at The Fort cream hamburger!" crows Skeeter Nixon (editor's note- The Fort:a juvenile amateurish boardgame website frequented by malcontents and soft cocks.)


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