The Weekly AT Snapshot - 6/29/2007

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There Will Be Games

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This is the story of 42 Meeples caught up in a war they didn't understand, and The Builder and Pimpin' Count who must lead them in their struggle to survive.

Their tale will end in tragedy as they are crushed under the boot heels of Ameritrash, but for now...this is their story.


Today's photo was brought to us by Mike "Monkeyman" Chapel, once again proving his awesome Photoshoppin' skills. Thanks, Michael!


Calling all photoshoppers and imagehounds! The Weekly AT Snapshot wants YOUR images! You send the picture, we add the back-story!

If you've got a great image that just screams Ameritrash, email us the image or a URL. It can be an image you created or an image you found on the web. We don't care! If it meets our strict quality standards, we'll publish it in The Weekly AT Snapshot, instantly making you an undeniable global celebrity. We'll even pimp your website if you send us the URL for that. Send all submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the word "Snapshot" in the subject line.

There Will Be Games
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