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So after my reply to  the earlier post about what the heck is up over at valley games. I got an email from our good friend Kevin Nesbitt. You see Kevin and I go way back to about here. kevin had seen the post and wanted to know if I wanted to do another interview and get some answers to some of the questions about Valley Games current status.

I suggested that he do one better. Instead of hoping I would ask the questions that are on everyone else's mind, I figured I would let you guys ask the questions buring in your own heads. 

So here it is. A chance to ask Valley Games where they have been hiding these last few months. Post question below and I will forward them to Keven to have them answered. I will give you guys until Thursday Morning to reply. 

 Also know that I will be  limiting the questions to  the topic of Valley Games, so save me the rouble of deleting your asinine question about the size of Kevin's member or when the 1st time he got laid was. 




There Will Be Games Malloc
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