Cracked LCD Covers E3 at

Cracked LCD Covers E3 at Hot

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Wow, it's really awesome here at E3 y'all!  They just announced ST PETERSBURG: THE VIDEO GAME!  It's going to have full 3D graphics of fat guys sitting around scratching their beards.  Awesome stuff.  I also saw the PUERTO RICO MMORPG in which you have your choice of taking on the role of a slave trader, a slave driver, a slave master, a slaver, or a slave.  The AGRICOLA PC game is shaping up nicely, it's called HARVERST MOON.  In other news, board games were announced dead and officially buried at a ceremony held outside Caesar's Palace.

I'm completely full of lies, of course.  But is eyeball deep in E3 coverage so this week's Cracked LCD is delayed.  It's cool though, all I did was rant in this one anyway.  I was going to do a split review of TRIBUNE and GLORY TO ROME...but something happened while I was writing it.  My eyeballs died whimpering.  Maybe it'll be up tommorrow.

Stay tuned.

Cracked LCD Covers E3 at There Will Be Games
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