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Breaking Board Game Conventions
K kennygoff Updated March 18, 2015 6616   0
Typically in tabletop and card game, rules need to be clearly laid out. You want anyone to be able to pick up the game and know exactly how to play. This is the typical case, for good reason. Confusion and lack of clarity leads quickly to frustration.
R randyo Updated February 22, 2015 5276   0
Randy muses on the lack of right and wrong in tabletop design.
Adding the Replicators to Space Empires
G Guest Updated September 20, 2016 5457   0
Jim Krohn is the creator of our really cool 4X space game,  Space Empires. In the expansions to SE, Jim has managed to give us a bunch of cool new additions and options without making the game unwieldy – a considerable design accomplishment. In this, Jim’s first article for InsideGMT, he takes us inside his newest expansion, Space Empires: Replicators, on the P500 list now and slated for release in 2Q or 3Q, 2015. Enjoy the article! – Gene  
Fixing Randomness Required an Orthogonal Solution
R randyo Updated January 28, 2015 6799   0
This is an analysis of one aspect of my new pirate game, Scoundrels. Also, if you want, sign up for a chance to win an early-release copy of the game. Hi, I'm Randy! I've never made a tabletop game before now.  I make video games, but that's a different beast.    Three things inspired me to try this physical game thing. One: I was spending entirely too much time staring at a screen. Two: a few years ago there were barely any "fun" pirate games out there. And three: I had...
H hotseatgames Updated January 28, 2015 6042   0
Game ideas come from all sorts of places. You need to read lots of different things, watch lots of different things, play lots of different things. Go forth and consume! I really like the Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore. The first one goes into Drow society  in some detail, and I found it fascinating. I started thinking about a boardgame involving various factions of werewolves (I have a thing for werewolves) vying for control of a city. I thought it would be interesting to have the game divided into two phases; one in which the players were...
An Open Letter from History Fighter's Creator
H HistoryFighter Updated January 28, 2015 7548   0
Hey there - I’m a mostly self-taught, DIY-type guy and I’ve worked in arts and media pretty much forever - doing all sorts of stuff from graphic and web design to record production and live DJ performance internationally. As a multi-media artist and a big nerd, games are BY FAR my favorite medium to work in because games fuse three things I love: creativity, technology, and collaboration with all types of fun, smart people. All the elements are there from writing and art to music and behavior – movies are great but a movie only has one...
S Schweig! Updated January 28, 2015 310   0
One spare time project which I will work on for the rest of the year and hopefully also finish in this time span is "Zap Front", the title under which I want to create an Up Front clone; a game which uses the same rule system as Up Front, but where I create anew all the material otherwise subject to copyright laws. My intention behind this project is not monetary; instead I intend to work on it as a means to channel my artistic output and to also gain first experience in publishing. In addition, Up Front is at...
Kicking a Glamazon 002 - Design Goals
M MattFantastic Updated January 28, 2015 6127   0
In designing Glamazons vs the Curse of the Chainmail Bikini, I came up with a few guiding principles that would shape my thought process and allow me to somewhat objectively assess progress and eventual success. The first goal I put forward for myself is easily my favorite, I've called it “the drunk Steve Avery rule”. Its only stipulation is that I want the game to be teachable to a drunk Steve Avery. It seems silly, but by keeping this in mind I was able to really cut out a lot of extraneous mechanical...
Kicking a Glamazon 001
M MattFantastic Updated January 28, 2015 6392   0
Say hello to Prettiest Princess Games! Oh snap, what's this? I'm selling the fuck out and cashing the fuck in my friends! After years of helping other people buy new houses (and move to Florida!) the time is ripe for me to start publishing games myself and I'm obviously going to be using the Fort's favorite dead horse to beat, Kickstarter.    What the fuck do I know about publishing and/or designing games? Surprisingly a lot. Besides all my experience on the edges of the gaming industry for the last decade+, I ran...
S SixpenceGames Updated January 28, 2015 5062   0
The Technological Singularity, the moment when the first smarter-than-human AI starts self-improving and promptly becomes super powerful and remakes the world in the image of whatever goals it was coded to optimize for, is coming. No one can stop it. What the players are trying to do is ensure that the first such AI is Friendly, a technical term which means that the end-state it turns the world into is one that humans can live in and enjoy, instead of a Terminator-esque hellscape. The default for an AI is to be unFriendly: you have to try really hard, and...
39 results - showing 1 - 10
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