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Member Blogs G GorillaGrody Updated February 17, 2019 2885   0
My First Warhammer Tournament: An Autobiography, Part 2  
Member Blogs G GorillaGrody Updated February 18, 2019 3926   0
My First Warhammer Tournament: A Biography: Part 1  
Member Blogs J Jexik February 15, 2019 1431   0
July 2007. Nowhere, Illinois. “Happy birthday, dude.” Phil drops a garish box onto my lap while we’re seated in his early 2000s blue VW beetle. It’s heavy. It’s stupid. It’s covered with a picture of samurai, dragons, a Legolas look-alike, some agents straight outta the matrix, some Vikings, an angel with a winged helmet, and an orc riding a T Rex. “Really, dude?” All pre-painted miniatures, and not a tape measure in sight. I look at the back of the box and read the story. It sounds like something I’d have written when I was ten...
Staff Blogs MB Michael Barnes Updated February 14, 2019 1670   0
One is co-designed by a longtime TWBG member. One has dogs in hats. One is a Knizia classic. All are excellent.
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Let's take a gander into the future.
Staff Blogs MB Michael Barnes Updated February 01, 2019 1607   0
Blue Eyes, White Hunter, Red Scorpion.
Booze and Board Games
Member Blogs TF The Fourth Place Updated February 01, 2019 930   0
If there are three things that are dear to my heart, they are playing games, hanging out with friends, and eating! That makes a blog series on snacks for board game nights a little obvious, but what can I say— I know what I’m about. First up, probably the most popular topic, and the first question people always ask— What kind of beverages?
Member Blogs TF The Fourth Place Updated January 30, 2019 665   1
In this series of reviews, I’ll take a game from my own Shelf of Shame, play it, and share my first-play impressions. The first review in this series is of a gift for our collection from a local game company that I am coming to really love— Monarch by Resonym. A simply beautiful game— Easy and elegant to play, with very high quality package and components, and gorgeous artwork combine for a fairytale atmosphere. (4/5, Fond Favorite)
Skies above the Reich
Staff Blogs R repoman Updated January 30, 2019 1091   0
A solo game of the struggle between the pilots of the Luftwaffe and the bombers of America's 8th airforce in the skies over Germany at the height of World War Two.
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The cure is worse than the disease.
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