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Inis Board Game
5.0 (2)
Board Game Reviews M MasonSokol Updated April 19, 2019 1312   0
Ancient Ireland Comes Alive
Beta Colony Board Game
Board Game Reviews MB Michael Barnes Updated April 19, 2019 1241   1
A study in modesty?
wisdom of solomon 1
Board Game Reviews W WadeMonnig Updated April 16, 2019 1367   1
My impressions with Wisdom of Solomon began before I even opened the box. When I saw the box art, I had a flashback to my childhood and a big, hardbound children's version of Bible Stories that my family owned. I wonder if this was conscious decision? It isn't a style that would pop into my head for putting on a board game box but it has a familiarity; a resonance with those latter day tomes. It took only mere moments during the unboxing for Wisdom of Solomon to reinforce this line from Proverbs “How blessed in the man who...
Recline or Die High: A Gen7 Experience
Board Game Reviews AM Andrew McAlpine and Jonathan Volk Updated April 16, 2019 2288   0
Andy & Jonathan review Plaid Hat Games’ latest “crossroads” epic!
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated April 16, 2019 2104   0
A typical dull British morning: grey skies to dampen the soul but not quite cold or wet or windy enough to even be interesting. Yet, coffee in hand, I feel a misplaced sense of exhilaration. Curving away into the thin fog below me are two sets of parallel rails. I know exactly where they go, back to my childhood home. A small seaside town I've been back to countless times. Still, the low whine of an approaching train heralds a small pleasure. A day of movement without effort to enjoy, to think, to write.
DungeonQuest Revised Edition
Articles U ubarose Updated April 14, 2019 1869   0
You don't play DungeonQuest. DungeonQuest plays you. DungeonQuest was oringinally published in 1987. This push-your-luck dungeon crawl with player elimination is classic old school Ameritrash gaming. Players explore the ruins of Dragonfire Castle, trying to find the treasure chamber and escape the castle with as much treasure as possible. According to the instructions, you have approximatley a 15% chance of getting out alive. It is possible to be eliminated on your first turn. Some gamers call DungeonQuest an activity not a game. Others call it silly fun. What do you think? ...
Time of Crisis: The Roman Empire in Turmoil
Board Game Reviews M MasonSokol Updated April 08, 2019 2512   0
If you wish for peace, prepare for turmoil.
Board Game Reviews W WadeMonnig Updated April 10, 2019 2346   1
Time to get Godlike
Ascension: Deliverance
Board Game Reviews E ecargo Updated April 08, 2019 2142   0
Everyone loves trilogies. Lord of Rings. Star Wars. Fifty Shades of Grey. You know, the classics. Deliverance is the third in the Insight trilogy of Ascension games, giving you something new, something borrowed, and something Pasythea. How does Insight play out in this version? Let’s start with the latter.
Pacman Board Game
Essays SR Scott Rogers Updated April 08, 2019 1915   0
I often wonder “why don’t board games sell like video games?” I know that there have been a few tabletop games that have sold a million or more copies (many of which took decades to do so) but none of them sell with the speed that video games do. Why not?
2036 results - showing 1 - 10
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