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MT Matt Thrower Updated March 20, 2019 3373   0
On a 14th of October some years ago, I locked shields with the big, hairy man next to me and raised my sword. We waited for the enemy to come. "Someone should make a film about the Battle of Hastings," observed the big man, passing time as we waited to die. "It wouldn't need a fancy title: just 1066. Everyone would know."
Street Fighter Exceed
MB Michael Barnes Updated February 28, 2019 3019   0
Level 99's best fighting game to date - now with some familiar faces.
Battletech - 35th Anniversary Beginner's Box
MB Michael Barnes Updated February 21, 2019 3808   0
Celebrating 35 years of overheating Mad Cats.
MT Matt Thrower Updated February 18, 2019 2823   0
Until today, my knowledge of Rhodesia came from the voice of Bob Marley. He's singing it now in the background, as I scour the web for more detailed, if less impassioned, sources. Africans did a-liberate Zimbabwe in the end, of course, and the story of how it happened is on the table next to me. The White Tribe, a folio game on the Zimbabwe War of Liberation.
stoner parking lot 1
W WadeMonnig Updated January 31, 2019 2215   2
Dude, Where's my Cards?
spring meadow
W WadeMonnig Updated February 16, 2019 1659   2
The hills are alive with the sound of varmints.  
Warhammer 40k Kill Team: Arena
MB Michael Barnes Updated February 04, 2019 6787   0
 Many Kill Team Players are asking the question, "Should I Buy Arena?"
MT Matt Thrower Updated February 04, 2019 2770   0
Of all the things that could be a hook, it's the names that do it. Every Keyforge deck is unique, containing cards randomly selected from those in the set. It also has a unique, computer-generated name. Some, apparently are rude. But I don't care about that. I just want to know what fantasy characters they might remind me of. So I get four.
Chronicles of Crime Board Game
E ecargo Updated February 03, 2019 1608   0
When I was a kid, I was part of a very elite crime unit consisting of myself and the kid who lived down the street. Despite never actually solved any mysteries, we were fully committed to the Detectives Club and the secret handshake we made up to go with it. Thankfully, there have been a host of mystery/deduction games recently that have allowed me to don my metaphorical deerstalker cap and imagine life as a brilliant detective. (Or, as my scores often reveal, not-so-brilliant.)
The Pretender Board Game
W WadeMonnig Updated January 29, 2019 1256   2
Fake it until you can make it (or can make out the clue).
1122 results - showing 21 - 30
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