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Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 22, 2019 815   2
*draws a situation card and reads it out loud*  You’ve been tasked with writing a review of Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling from Flying Leap Games. You have an impending deadline and no idea how you are going to start the review.
Seal Team Flix: Breaking my Distaste for Dungeon Crawls
GS Gary Sax Updated January 30, 2019 1376   0
Your soldier’s cover has been largely destroyed by those last shots.  She stands up, alone, and needs to make her two shots count or they will be her last.  The player assesses the situation and…  rolls 11 dice to find out if that happened or not.
Scythe: Rise of Fenris Expansion Review
MB Michael Barnes Updated January 22, 2019 1350   0
Could this be the end of this generation's Catan?
My Little Scythe Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 22, 2019 1094   2
Once upon a time (that’s how all fairy tales start, right?), there was a father who loved his daughter very, very much. And one of the things they adored to do together was play board games. The father’s favorite game was called Scythe. And it was about Engines and building them and the struggle for power by pseudo political factions in Eastern Europa…the kind of stuff that little girls don’t find particularly interesting. They decided they would make a game something like his favorite game only using things that she enjoyed, Like little ponies, and pies and magical gems....
Heroes of Terrinoth Review
J Jackwraith Updated January 22, 2019 2977   0
Heroes of Terrinoth is adventure that's both abstract and detailed.
King of Tokyo: King Kong Character Pack Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 22, 2019 887   2
“Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here tonight to tell you a very strange story — a story so strange that no one will believe it — but, ladies and gentlemen, seeing is believing. And we — my partners and I — have brought back the living proof of our adventure, an adventure in which twelve of our party met horrible death. And now, ladies and gentlemen, before I tell you any more, I'm going to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld. He was a king and a god in the world he knew, but now he...
Triplock Review
MT Matt Thrower Updated January 22, 2019 960   0
Inside the box lid, there's a face looking back at me. Underneath the rules is a selection of components so odd as to immediately pique my curiosity. Small stacks of shiny poker chips, a rolled up neoprene board and a pair of custom-printed dice aren't the half of it. All the cards have some weird backing that makes them as glittery as fish scales and twice as slippery.
Kemet: Seth Board Game Expansion Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 22, 2019 2004   2
Seth comes ripping
Movable Type Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 22, 2019 875   2
Are you sure that is spelled right? You could get another point if you added an “E.”
Carta Impera Victoria Review
A AndrewMcAlpine Updated January 22, 2019 871   0
It's the beginning of the world as we know it.
1100 results - showing 21 - 30
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