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Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
MB Michael Barnes Updated January 22, 2019 7332   0
A Rogue Trader, a Ministorium Priest, an Aeldari Ranger, and a Kroot Tracker walk into a Blackstone Fortress...
Shadow Strike Melee Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 24, 2019 829   2
I googled Ninja Jokes and it told me none could be found. Well played, ninjas, well played.
FlickFleet Review
MT Matt Thrower Updated January 24, 2019 1517   0
An observer would have seen nothing but a brief blur around the ship, but the Uprising Destroyer "Resistance" had gone to battle stations. Shields up, the captain then gave orders to activate the defence grid ready for firing. Everything seemed to be going fine until the Resistance fired engines to manoeuvre into position. It slid across space, spinning wildly, before coming to rest in the opposite direction.
Blue Lagoon, Scarabya Reviews
MB Michael Barnes Updated January 24, 2019 1172   0
This week I'm looking at two of Blue Orange Games' latest from Reiner Knizia and the Bruno Cathala/Ludovic Maublanc team.
I'm a reasonable game: Big Trouble in Little China Board Game Review
J Jackwraith Updated January 24, 2019 1233   0
High on storytelling, but with some interesting tactical choices to make, Big Trouble in Little China is a solid co-op.
Masque of the Red Death Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 24, 2019 1134   3
The Masquerade is about to begin. All the attendants sneak glances at the time, awaiting the arrival of Prince Prospero. As the clock strikes 8:00, the prince arrives, draped in his regal attire and everyone jostles for position, pressing close to his majesty. A witty quip and a subtle flirt bring a smile and a chuckle from the Prince. As he slowly moves away, the socialites plan how they can next meet with him, preferably alone, in hopes of currying his favor. A glance at the clock shows it is 8:30…*booming disembodied voice* Aww, hell, the...
Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
A AndrewMcAlpine Updated January 24, 2019 952   0
All the dice...half the excitement.
Ascension Delirium
E ecargo Updated January 24, 2019 1036   0
If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me in Ascension, it’s the innovation that keeps emerging after 13 sets. The latest standalone expansion, Delirium, does what Ascension does best: reinvigorates some old mechanics while adding a few new trappings. I was trepidatious about these new features, especially after the previous release being rather lackluster, but it turns out that the Stoneblade team knows better than me.
Dice Hospital Review
MT Matt Thrower Updated January 24, 2019 2980   0
Humanity packs the convention hall, a sea of nerdy sardines. But the most packed bit of all is the tables demonstrating Dice Hospital. Again and again, I pass by and there's no space. Twice I play other games by the same publisher while I wait, and nothing comes up. It's a frustration that builds over the two days, then drags sullenly into weeks while I wait for a release.
Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle Board Game Review
W WadeMonnig Updated January 24, 2019 1117   2
We would like to welcome the latest graduate from the Dr. Evil school of evil naming...
1100 results - showing 31 - 40
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