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Marc started gaming at the age of 5 by beating everyone at Monopoly, but soon decided that Marxism, science fiction, and wargames were more interesting than money, so he opted for writing (and more games) while building political parties, running a comic studio, and following Liverpool. You can find him on Twitter @Jackwraith and lurking in other corners of the Interwebs.


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Analysis J Jackwraith Updated February 20, 2019 1600   0
Star Trek as a phenomenon. How its peoples and the way they changed can be viewed through the best game ever made for it.
Essays J Jackwraith Updated February 04, 2019 5628   0
Expressions of self through unchanging simulacra.
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated January 30, 2019 1879   0
Well regarded, but never a huge hit, Theseus tests the concept of "rules complexity".
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated January 15, 2019 1823   1
What was the next generation in globe-spanning, six hour wargames, Supremacy is rarely remembered.
From the Depths: Rune Age
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated December 05, 2018 1626   0
The definition of what a deckbuilder should be.
Heroes of Terrinoth Review
Board Game Reviews J Jackwraith Updated January 22, 2019 3032   0
Heroes of Terrinoth is adventure that's both abstract and detailed.
Assault of the Giants: Lost In the Crowd.
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated November 20, 2018 945   0
Assault of the Giants is a solid game based on a well-known IP. Why wasn't it more popular?
I'm a reasonable game: Big Trouble in Little China Board Game Review
Board Game Reviews J Jackwraith Updated January 24, 2019 1243   0
High on storytelling, but with some interesting tactical choices to make, Big Trouble in Little China is a solid co-op.
The Hellgame
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated October 22, 2018 1020   0
A little-known release from a one-time publisher, The Hellgame is the other side of German game design: visceral and thematic, but still mechanically interesting.
Revolt on Antares
Rants & Raves J Jackwraith Updated October 11, 2018 959   0
Looking back at one of TSR's minigames from the early 1980s
27 results - showing 1 - 10
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