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Matt has been writing about tabletop games professional since 2012, blogging since 2006 and playing them since he could talk.


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Stuffed Fables Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 29, 2019 6603   0
Children are not as foolish as adults sometimes think. I put three figures of stuffed toys in front of mine: a rabbit, a lion and a patchwork doll armed with a pencil. "Choose one to play," I suggest. They look suspicious. One rummages in the pile of plastic from the box and pulls out a pig with a rattle. "Why can't I play this," she asks. I explain that this is a storytelling game that will unfold over many sessions. That we have to meet the pig in the story before someone can play him. ...
Colt Express Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 6275   1
Looking forward to a nice two player night with my favourite gaming crony, Graham. I've packed beers, printed play aids, read the rules - twice - and I'm about to leave. The phone rings. "Matt? It's Graham. I've got a house full of teenagers. Bring some multi-player games. And some more beer." I'm in a rush, so I grab the first thing in front of me. It's Colt Express. I got it on a whim to play with my daughter. I mean: it's cheap, it's got a cool 3d train and it...
Acid Hot
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated September 21, 2018 5640   1
We'd dropped the acid just before sunset on a day so hot you could smell the tar cooking on the roads. We climbed a hill as we came up and spent the night on a golf course, pretending to play as the shapes and sounds shifted and blurred around us. Then, tired but happy, we lay and let the warm grass tickle our necks as we watched too many stars spinning overhead, twinkling in too many colours.    
Flip Ships Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 6252   0
"Do you know what Space Invaders is?" I ask my daughter. "Yeah, it's that really old video game with all the funny-shaped things." It's close enough, so I let it slide. Flip Ships is like Space Invaders, I tell her. There are two rows of alien cards at the end of the table and we're working together to take them down. We've got to flip little cardboard discs off the opposite edge to try and hit them.
Trudvang Chronicles Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 9619   0
It was a bitter journey home, the wind finding seams in coats and gloves, ice frosting on cars and windows. When I reached the sanctuary of the porch I found, as well as a welcome glow of warmth, a package. Books, from a land much colder and windier than mine. I opened them, stamping in the hallway, my kids crowding round to see what they were. "Turd ... wang?", one of them attempted, brow creased by the typography. I tried not to laugh and showed them how to read the font: Trudvang.
Star Wars: Destiny Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 6790   0
The kitchen is bright and white. On the breakfast bar is a colossal faux-lego rollercoaster, a testament to a late-night drunken Kickstarter visit. Glancing down to the nearby dining table, I see a scattered mess of cards, dice and Star Wars art. My face falls. "Oh no," I say. "You didn't". "It's an experiment," my host replies. "Was just curious about the system. I'm not going to buy any boosters."  
War - Mare Nostrum
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated April 12, 2019 7563   0
Late at night we tumble in from the pub, blood up with beer, hungry for destruction and junk food. Cheeks pink with cold, someone lights a fire and we hurl wood and paper into its bright maw, watching it curl and turn to ash. It's not enough destruction. We want to destroy nations beneath our booted heels. 
The Games Room
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated June 26, 2018 16216   1
Follow @mattthr It is December, 1984. The sky is a gray slate, the air damp and cold. But I am aglow with excitement. As an 11 year old, newly-minted gamer I am about to visit my first proper game shop. It's a little way out of the Norwich city center streets I know, so my Dad guides me, eyes rolling with loving exasperation.  
Big Potato Games - Review #1
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated July 17, 2018 4502   0
Boxes come and go from my house with solemn regularity. A few weeks back, though, something entirely new turned up: a crate. Not some half-assed fake piece of printed card but an actual wooden crate, complete with crowbar tied to the top. When I got home that night, my whole family were sweating curiosity from every pore. I could've used the crowbar to lever open the anticipation but, instead, I used it on the crate. And as the tension reached fever pitch the lid popped off and inside there was ..
Automobiles Racing Season Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 4392   0
The best expansions don't just improve or fix their base games, they let you see them in a new light. That's what I was hoping from the racing seasons in this Racing Season expansion for Automobiles. Its parent title has been my sleeper hit for the past two years. While other games have peaked and gone, Automobiles is still lapping round for regular plays. It might not need the fresh coat of an expansion, but some go-faster stripes would be nice.
416 results - showing 31 - 40
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