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Pickomino Review
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 4544   0
Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself the really tough questions?  What does it all mean?  Why are we here?  Do I need a game about chickens eating BBQ worms?  
F: AT Snack Attack 02
Rants & Raves ES Egg Shen Updated July 21, 2016 4445   0
Welcome back to another edition of the Snack Attack.  This is my own little, dark, corner of the Fort where I get to discuss something that I think everyone can relate to: food!  Well, I hope you can relate to it.  Otherwise you’re either A) Dead or B) Possibly a baby that still eats flavored goop from a jar.  In either case you’re probably not one of our readers.
Descent: The Road to Legend App
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated July 13, 2018 9501   0
I’ve always had a rocky relationship with Descent: Journeys in the Dark. This is a game that SHOULD be directly in my wheelhouse; a grand, dungeon crawler built upon the foundation of classics like, HeroQuest and Dungeons and Dragons the Fantasy Adventure Boardgame. Sadly, the first edition of Descent was something that I never fell in love with. The game felt like it was taking its inspiration from videogames (Diablo specifically) and this never seemed right to me. On top of that it was incredibly focused on combat and didn’t satiate my dungeon crawler appetite....
Firefly Fluxx
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 4493   0
I’m going to be reviewing some smaller/simpler games that tend to be better suited for padawan play rather than a sit down with Jedi Masters. I don’t know about the rest of you, but once every couple of months or so I’m playing boardgames with people who’ve seemingly never ventured past the nefarious and arcane party game that is Apples to Apples. When this happens I usually try to bring something small and weird to nudge people out of their comfort zone. Well, that and so I’m not stuck playing Trivial Pursuit - Jersey Shore Bro-FIST...
Fantasy Flight
Analysis ES Egg Shen Updated June 02, 2016 6850   0
Welcome back. This is part two of my "Ode to FFG". In this week's episode we will be looking exclusively at games that the company brought back from the dead. For a bunch of nerdy guys in Minnesota, their Necromancy skills are quite high. Yes, FFG really started making a name for themselves by bringing many beloved games back to the market. Some were really terrific. They were games that made you weep a little because you never thought you'd get your hands on them. Others were a little less well received....
Fantasy Flight
Rants & Raves ES Egg Shen Updated January 10, 2019 12150   0
As we all know, Fantasy Flight Games was purchased by Asmodee last year.  Well, as of April this year they are no longer a publisher, but rather a Design House within Asmodee.  They will be under the Asmodee North America umbrella or something.  So as a tribute to the FFG brand I thought it would be fun to run through their catalog and pick out their best games ever.  
Star Wars Risk - A Public Service Announcement
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 4776   0
Star Wars is back! It's back in a big way. That means, for the foreseeable future, we're gonna be getting TONS of licensed Star Wars products. One of the first boardgames in the initial wave of licensed goodness was the curiously named, Star Wars Risk. Not exactly what people were expecting. Prior to its release, savvy internet folk determined that this was actually a refined version of the grail game, Star War's Queen's Gambit. Right then everybody should have perked up and taken note. Well, some of you are still not paying attention. Let me fix that for you....
F:AT Snack Attack 01
Gamer Culture ES Egg Shen Updated May 12, 2018 8234   0
One of the things that I wanted to do as a contributor on the Fort was review all aspects of the hobby…not just the games.  This morning while sipping a cup of Joe I was letting “En Vogue” seduce my ears when I was struck with my latest inspiration for a review.   Snack reviews.  Yep.  The things we put out to eat are almost as important as the game on the table. So welcome to the first ever F:AT Snack Review.
T.I.M.E. Stories - Time Keeps on Slippin'
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 4547   0
T.I.M.E. Stories is something of an odd design. It's odd in that it doesn't do anything really well. It's odd in that it doesn't do anything particularly innovative. It's odd, because it's just well, odd. This game shouldn't exist. It shouldn't be popular. Yet, here we are.
2011 - A Retrospective
Rants & Raves ES Egg Shen Updated February 02, 2016 6741   0
I don't like to do end of the year lists. Some games get overhyped, some games will be overlooked and nobody really knows how any of them will stand the test of time. So I'd like to do a retrospective and look back at how games from 2011 are doing. I feel like five years is plenty of time for a game to cement itself as a success or failure. So let's hop in my time machine and head back to the days when Charlie Sheen was #WINNING, Deathly Hallows Part Two was concluding and I sang Katy Perry...
29 results - showing 11 - 20
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