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Talisman The Blood Moon - What A Horrible Night to Have a Curse!
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 6700   0
Let's be honest, Talisman needs a gothic horror expansion like Jar Jar Binks needs more screen time in the Phantom Menace. However, I'm a Talisman fanatic. So when FFG pours gothic horror flavored slop into my feeding trough I gorge myself like the gluttonous Talisman pig that I am.
Lipstick and a Pig - Pandemic Legacy Review
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 30, 2019 5191   0
The end of the year is approaching with the same inevitable certainty as death and taxes. That means we're going to see a smorgasbord of "Top Ten" lists, "Year's Best" lists and other opinion pieces. It's generally a fun time to look back at the year and assess everyone's favorite things. This is not going to be one of those lists. No, this is going to be a torpedo of truth about a game that is destined to rest atop many people's lists. That game is Pandemic Legacy.
Trashfest NE 2015 Wrap Up
Gamer Culture ES Egg Shen Updated October 13, 2016 4585   0
So Trashfest Northeast 2015 has come and gone.  This is my second time experiencing this annual shindig and I’d like to share some of my experiences with the rest of you.  Rather than give you a blow by blow description of all the games I played, I’m just going to provide some overall highlights.  I’d like to try and give you an idea of what it’s like to experience Trashfest.
Cthulhu Realms – Bigotry and Racism Not Included
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 31, 2019 5935   0
Confession time! I never played Star Realms. It was the "Little Deckbuilder That Could" and it charmed the hearts of gamers across the globe. Hell, it came very close to becoming a bon-a-fide sensation. So the only logical thing left to do was license out the game mechanics and let someone slap Cthulhu all over it. After some extensive research (read: almost none) I've found that Cthulhu Realms shares roughly 93% of the same DNA as it's Pappy. Basically, if you like Star Realms you can stop reading the review. You're already going to know if...
Zombiaki II - In Soviet Russia Zombies Turn into YOU!
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated June 30, 2016 3824   0
Portal published a zombie game. Huh, who knew?
Legacy: The Duke De Something or Other
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated April 09, 2019 3376   0
Let's try a little experiment. Right now, think of some of your acquaintances or closet friends. OK good. Now think of some people you know in your community. Now, would any of the people you just thought of improve your social status if they suddenly became part of your family? What do you mean Jeffrey huffs nail polish from the Family Dollar?
CV - A Live and Let Die Game
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated October 06, 2015 4353   0
If you took the premise from The Game of Life, the dice rolling from Yahtzee and sandwiched them between some weird cartoony cards then you'd have the game CV (Curriculum Vitae). The primary mechanic is what we all know as the "Yahtzee Roll". Dozens of games use this mechanic. Does CV attempt anything new to help separate it from the pack?
Gaming Scene ES Egg Shen Updated October 02, 2015 4364   0
Welcome to the Crank File. Whenever I don't have a game review to share I'll take a topic out of the Crank File and craft it into an article for your enjoyment. Sometimes these articles will actually serve a purpose and go hand in hand with an upcoming review. That will be the case with my inaugural edition. Boardgames come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. You've got fantasy games, stock market games, sci-fi games, Lovecraft games, games named after medieval city games, zombie chow mein, princess fra diavolo, superhero jambalaya, Star Wars a...
Rouge Lips
Gaming Scene ES Egg Shen Updated September 20, 2016 4392   0
I’ve been coming to this website for many years now. I’ve decided that instead of constantly suckling off of the F: AT knowledge teat, like a gluttonous piglet, I’m going to give back.  What you don’t want my opinions and observations?  Well too bad because I’m going to give them anyways.  Hey you in front, hands down please; we will be doing a Q&A afterwards.
29 results - showing 21 - 29
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