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After a childhood spent pestering his parents and sister to play Monopoly, Scrabble, and Mille Bornes, Nate discovered The Settlers of Catan in college. From there it was only a matter of time before he fell down the rabbit hole of board gaming. Nate has been blogging since college, and writing about board games since 2007. His reviews have appeared on his blog,, and on Miniature Market. Nate enjoys games with a lot of interaction, as well as games with an unconventional approach to theme.

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tomb of annihilation
Analysis SI san il defanso Updated January 27, 2019 1438   0
A D&D adventure for people who like slogging through jungles and wearing mosquito repellent. It's better than it sounds.
The Ten Greatest Spiel des Jahres Winners
Analysis SI san il defanso Updated December 03, 2018 1345   0
Without much fanfare, 2018 marked the 40th edition of the Speil des Jahres. There are now forty games that have had the title of Game of the Year bestowed upon them by German-speaking board game critics, and the winner can expect to become one of the best-selling games in the world.
How Dungeons & Dragons Beat Fundamentalism
Rants & Raves SI san il defanso Updated October 08, 2018 1940   0
Every week I take part in something that would have seriously troubled many of the people with whom I grew up. I set up a cardboard shield with a big picture of people fighting a dragon on the front. I unload a stack of hardcover books, gather a couple sets of polyhedral dice, and take on the role of Dungeon Master. My friends and I have been working through the Dungeons & Dragons module Tomb of Annihilation. It's one of the highlights of my week. I'm a Christian, and I play Dungeons & Dragons.
Warhammer Diskwars
Rants & Raves SI san il defanso Updated July 17, 2018 1542   0
Warhammer Diskwars is the sort of game that could only ever fail.
Painting Minis
Up Your Game SI san il defanso Updated May 16, 2018 1892   0
Have you been making excuses for not painting the miniatures in your game collection?
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower in Review
Board Game Reviews SI san il defanso Updated January 30, 2019 5996   0
Games Workshop fired a shot across the bow of every dungeon crawl ever.
The Best Games I Played In 2014
Board Game Reviews SI san il defanso Updated January 28, 2015 3978   0
Looking back, 2014 was the year I basically quit playing new games. This was due to a couple of factor, not the least of which was a general sense of chaos in my gaming life between August and November, when most new titles come out. But at least some of it was conscious, because there were a lot of moments when I just decided to play something I already knew instead of whatever the hot game was. That makes me sound a little snooty, as if I'm really proud of the fact that I'm above the lowly activity of...
Your Head Asplode - The Battle At Kemble's Cascade Review
Board Game Reviews SI san il defanso Updated February 06, 2019 5266   0
I’m not a game designer, so I’m not really sure what it takes to create a successful board game adaptation of a video game. Do you just take the license and use it as a setting for a solid design? That’s what was done with Railroad Tycoon and Age of Empires III, both by Glenn Drover. Do you work to create a system that emulates the feel of a video game without recreating specific mechanisms? FFG’s Starcraft board game did this to great effect, creating a game that felt like Starcraft even while it never really replicated the mechanical...
Dungeon Humor - Dungeonquest Revised Edition Review
Board Game Reviews SI san il defanso Updated February 06, 2019 5498   0
Fantasy Flight’s third edition of the classic fantasy game Dungeonquest came out in 2010, and four years out it certainly feels like a turning point in the popular narrative of the company. The changes they made to a very simple game were indeed divisive, and almost all of the criticism centered around the revamped combat. Whatever damage you feel FFG did to Dungeonquest, it’s obvious now that the greatest damage was to Fantasy Flight’s brand. As a company they have always been willing to rework classic games to bear FFG’s distinctive mark, but up until Dungeonquest this was largely...
Suns For The Sun God - Ra Review
Board Game Reviews SI san il defanso Updated August 06, 2016 4751   0
Although I spend a lot of time writing about old games, I’ve put off writing about Ra for a long time. This is because, unlike most of my favorite games, I struggled for a long time to put my finger exactly on what I love so much about Ra. Reiner Knizia’s classic was one of the first games I bought when I started collecting games, and over all those years I’ve always had a hard time defining why it works so well.
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