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Josh Look and the Overwhelming Power of Evil
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 5383   0
[quote="Josh Look" post=190333] I'm a devout ST:AW fan, and the balance of the game was completely thrown out the window with Borg, so yeah, I'd have some reservations about D&D.[/quote] I'd like to start off with a mention that Josh Look has been the Distinct Voice of Clarity on F:At for the past few weeks. On the money, insightful, loving his shit right now. This quote is lifted out of the Attack Wing/Dice Masters thread in Trash Talk, which in spite of the name is wandering into Star Trek Attack Wing territory. That quote up there...
Good Listening -- Bridging the Digital Divide, Ludology and Golem Arcana
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For years I've been commenting that there is fertile ground in the fields between the kingdoms of tabletop and video gaming, generally getting responses on the line of "sounds like stupid bullshit" and the like.  I have yet on any web site to get any sort of positive response or endorsements for the concept, I think largely because my thoughts were not fully-formed or even fully-INformed.  But the idea that a game could benefit from a larger, longer storyline that could effect gameplay from session to session (much on the line of Risk Legacy though on a grander scale)...
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My oldest son is in High School this year and jumped at the opportunity to go after Dean Kamen’s FIRST Robotics competition this fall. Steve Jobs gets all the press but Dean Kamen is the guy that is really making differences in the world of tech, revolutionizing medical and health devices in particular but doing a tremendous amount of work in a broad array of subjects. Briefcase sized dialysis machines, wheelchairs that climb stairs, nation-scale water purification systems, the works. One of his more recent efforts is a device designed to launch SWAT teams onto the roofs of buildings...
12-Player Game of Age of Mythology
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So I walk into the Strategy Gaming session that my buddy Tim runs with the local middle and high schoolers. Usually I'm in the mix for the entire day but I've been catching up on about a hundred jobs around the house and yard and needed to let my son make the trip on his own this time. But I finished up at home around 3 and headed over early, only to find twelve kids all in on one big-ass game of Age of Empires! He had put four tables together...
Summer Gaming Challenge -- Bolide Going the Distance
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I had put word out to my friends that I wanted to get at least one session of Bolide in this summer, a full game using the full rules. Having the game be the Summer Challenge gave me extra barging rights, and this past Tuesday proved the perfect moment as the one guy in our group that hasn't cared for it much in the past was away. I was lucky enough to have it with me in spite of driving the beater this week. We played one of Love Letter's cousins (that...
Summer Gaming Challenge -- Bolide
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  It took more than a bit of time to come up with what my Summer Gaming Challenge title would be.  There were several on the list that seemed to be in the neighborhood of good choices, but most were games that got plenty of traffic or had gotten recent playtime by me, both of which weren’t in the spirit of this Summer’s challenge.  Then I recalled that Bolide had sat for years on my shelf.  I recalled a reread of the rules last year (or maybe two years ago now) that had surprised me in their...
Warriors of God -- Solo Play on Vassal
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I started off with a quick post to What Board Games Are You Playing but I'm going to spend a minute to move it here so that it can get a little more attention from people looking for it. For those unaware, Warriors of God is a two-player low-chit-count wargame from Multi-Man Publishing, part of their International Game Series. It is set during the 100 Years War in England and France (1300s roughly). Originally designed by Makoto Nakajima, it was published as a magazine game in Japan, then was picked up by MMP...
Fired Hot
Rants & Raves S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 6628   0
A year ago I received a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I hadn’t asked for one and in a lot of ways I really didn’t want one, but I toyed with it a bit and realized that I kind of liked it. It was quicker to get web access on it than it was my laptop, was more mobile and generally lasted longer on a battery. Over a six week period it grew to be a pretty big presence in my life, and my traditional e-ink Kindle was more or less set aside. I pull...
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Alright, so after having a conversation with Dogmatix about the price of storage containers, I decided to finally break down and take some snapshots of how I have my stuff arranged for transport.  Below are photos that more or less cover 100% of my Wings of Glory WWI material, 30+ planes, decks for each, additional decks out the wazoo, damage decks, boards, sticks, rules, reference book for each aircraft, the works.  Only thing missing is empty boxes in case I need to mail stuff off to people.
That Final Dice Roll
Analysis S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 5426   0
        Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve been playing for three hours, and the entire game comes down to just one die roll.  180 minutes of painstaking planning, careful negotiation and tactical response, and everyone is looking at the guy on your left, waiting for one throw of a couple of cubes to pick the winner and the loser.          And that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.         To some extent I’ve withdrawn from the “what a game should be” debates that rage unabatedly on the Internet, mostly because I’ve found they’re just piles...
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