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Dis-Structured Design
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your daily boardgame trivia question: what is the property that comes just before Free Parking?
Great Call
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  There's an umpire that has worked my daughter's softball games for years that is well past his prime, likely in his eighties at this point.  He's not very mobile anymore and his eyesight is fading, and he should have hung up the shin guards years ago.  But he hasn't, and he still calls games and as you can imagine he's more prone to mistakes than most.  My daughter's teammates and their parents get frustrated when he shows up to ref the game, but I'm more pragmatic than that.  I can't fire him; I have no...
Sneak Peek: Návarchoi
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This weekend at The World Boardgaming Championships I stumbled across Mike Nagel.  Mike is best known as the inventor of Flying Colors, an Age of Sail wargame that is very well respected, and he had it set up in open gaming.  As you'd expect considering the venue, four guys were heads down over the pieces firing volleys at each other while Mike tuned in only occasionally to coach.  Flying Colors looked interesting to me personally, but not gripping.  I've played another Age of Sail title extensively and I don't need a second one in the same genre.  But ....
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In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m an egghead.  I've gotten to the age where I’d rather read Xenophon than George R. R. Martin, because to me history is more gripping than the best of make-believe.  I'm not into fiction anymore because it can't be even half as strange as real life.  For good reason -- if it was no one would believe it.
A Piece of Americana
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Ladies and Gentlemen THIS . . . is the Singer 160th anniversary featherweight sewing machine. Fully modern in every way, it offers sixty stitches at your fingertips, a hopping foot built in and a high neck bend to facilitate meandering on wide quilts. It's obvious to even the most casual of observers that, though modern, it's designed to look and feel like the legendary black-painted Singer featherweight machines of 50+ years ago, many of which are STILL doing hard duty today and keep begging for more. My wife's 100th anniversary edition still...
"Dumm gelaufen"
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At times when I’m reading I unexpectedly wade into something much deeper than it initially appears. A turn of the page reveals a moment when the author suddenly stands on his head, and these are the moments that make it worthwhile. “Clausewitz likened war to a game of cards rather than chess because he saw chance and uncertainty as being just as important as precise tactical calculation. More recently, it has become popular for scholars like Culham and Kagan to apply modern scientific concepts of nonlinearity and 'chaos theory' to warfare, just as Clausewitz had...
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  This week and next are when Maryland Scholastic Achievement tests are given to all kids in the state, presumably an honest assessment of their learning over the past year.  Seems like pretty good use of the time and not much different from when I was a kid. Except these days with No Child Left Behind being based upon the scores of this test, and the ever-heightening bar that schools must clear to stay off of probation, everything stops for two solid weeks so that the schools can game the system.  For two weeks all...
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"I want my team to lose today." This isn't the kind of thing you expect a coach to say to you when you're shaking his hand over top of home plate.  But Wally wasn't kidding -- he wanted his girls to lose.  In fact he wanted his girls to lose big, and he thought our team had the best shot at doing it.
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Today I took the opportunity to bring my three boys to a Heroscapers Tournament,  and it was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had at a public gaming event. You all know what it's like going to an open gaming event where you don't know the people prior to arriving -- you're rolling the dice to say the least.  But today I rolled sevens and elevens all afternoon, meeting the nicest people and having one great gaming experience.  This is how it's supposed to work -- this is what you close your eyes and...
Epic Duels, Four Dollars, and the Nature of Young Boys
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I stumbled across a beautiful copy of Epic Duels at the local Goodwill sitting on the shelf next to a kid about eight years old. He wasn't holding it so I gave my usual "wow" when I see something like that with "4" written on it in Sharpie and opened the box to give it a review. It was a big jumble inside with all the cards and minis in a heap, and there was obviously pieces from other games included. Apparently his Mom and Grandma had told him to grab it and...
90 results - showing 31 - 40
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