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In 1979 I was fifteen years old and fifteen miles away when Three Mile Island had a "malfunction." At first the news was interesting and we watched carefully as the day progressed. Then the news got big, it went national, and everything changed in town. Dial tone took ten seconds to appear on the phone. Schools let out early. Local channels went on 24-hour news coverage at a time when that was unheard of and the new Governor Dick Thornburg was on the air for days at a time...
Build It Right, It Just Might Last
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On a trip to Ireland in 1993 I found myself standing in a very unique place at a unique moment. At the time considered the oldest building on Earth, I stood in Newgrange with 19 other tourists and a young, exceptionally well-spoken guide that had just asked a pair of very interesting questions. "Is anyone here in project management?" I'd wager we weren't the first group she had asked it to, but we may have been the first group to include an Executive Vice President of The...
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    I came into Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer expecting the opportunity to slay a god, which would be really cool, right?  It's the kind of thing you mention to your buddies at lunch the next day.  I think we can come to a consensus that slaying a god would set this game apart from the rest of the deck-builders being published.     But there's no god-slaying. In fact there's no gods in the game at all as far as I could tell.     Frankly, they could have included a god, maybe...
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"We still found it difficult to introduce any imitation into our game of either retreat or the surrender of men not actually taken prisoners in a melee. Both things were possible by the rules, but nobody did them because there was no inducement to do them. Games were apt to end obstinately with the death or capture of the last man. An inducement was needed. This we contrived by playing not for the game but for points, scoring the result of each game and counting the points towards the decision of a campaign."
Printing Game Boards to Fabric -- Results With a Few Snapshots
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I sent a pdf file that contained all of the game maps for Valor & Victory to these guys -- and these are the results. This photo is blue as hell for some reason so don't use the color to judge the quality of the print. This is one yard of fabric, with a 60 inch print width. All the maps were submitted as a combined single image and this chunk of cloth is almost corner to corner of the printable region for a...
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“If you swing at junk, what’s that pitcher going to throw you?”
Panzer General: Allied Assault . . . Commence Fire!
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Ok so I got three turns of Panzer General: Allied Assault in tonight and spilled a bit of blood. This was a solo play (the Metz scenario) and the solo rules for the Germans were pretty doggone straightforward. Movement is exceptionally simple and the size of the map means that there just aren't a lot of opportunities to outsmart the enemy. This is smash-mouth wargaming -- you need to bring heavy guns to the front and spend them. Support units are a must to close the deal. My first attack was on...
Panzer General: Allied Assault . . . Delayed
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Panzer General: Allied Assault showed up at my house from the math trade and I spent the last couple of evenings reading the rules. They aren't long or complicated, I've just been tired. The machanics of the game look pretty straightforward. But, the biggest issue last night was getting the decks set up and ready to play for the scenario I was going after. In theory each card in the deck is part of one or more groups, where each group applies to a scenario. That's what the rules seem to indicate....
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       "You gotta give the dice a chance to bring you back." I was at WBC for all of four hours before being called home for an emergency.  But in that short interval I overheard this one sentence, in the wargaming room of course, from a guy maybe 55 or 60 years old.  It was almost worth the trip all by itself.  This is the kind of attitude that you just don't hear from modern gamers, and as near as I can tell the guy was just tossing it off in the...
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Summoner Wars and Heroscape -- Tuesday I got in a team game of Summoner Wars with my buds (my first play) which is a very simple war game. The session largely broke into two independent games with a bit of cooperation and didn't have a lot of interaction between teammates. A good game, there's plenty of room to support each other but the form factor tends to encourage separation instead of integration. Visually the game separates the teams. On my next play I'm going to need to work to break that. But last...
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