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self toad
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7092   0
Back in October I blogged about Getting Rid of Games. I decided to give a couple of our under played games to Kindle Girl one of The Spawn’s friends. Kindle Girl is over my house about 4 days a week, and ever since she discovered my game cupboard, we’ve been playing board games when time allows. We taught her Settlers of Catan, which she loved, so I gave her our copy of Settlers Gallery Edition (the version with the fixed map). She tried to teach it to her parents, but the Mom told me they spent about 2 hours...
Arkham Holiday
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7609   0
My Man spoiled me this week. I got the Dark Pharaoh (Revised) and Miskatonic expansions for Arkham Horror, and the Mansions of Madness Forbidden Alchemy expansion. As a bonus, Fantasy Flight Games finally published the revised rules for Elder Sign. So, it's been an Arkham Holiday this week in my house. Both Dark Pharaoh and Miskatonic were better than I expected. The original version of Dark Pharaoh added encounter cards to the existing base game Arkham and Other Worlds location decks which, if you happened to draw them might give you an exhibit...
Maccabees - The only game on my (last minute) gift guide
Board Game Reviews U ubarose Updated July 24, 2018 6078   0
I actually think Gift Guides are bullshit. If I don't know a person well enough to be able to pick out a gift for them without the help of a gift guide, then I don't know the person well enough to give them a gift. I certainly don't want someone giving me something off a gift guide, as the last thing I need in my house is more useless unwanted crap. However, I am making an exception for the Maccabees boardgame, by Flasker Siskin. If you celebrate Chanukah and have children between the ages of 6 - 10 years...
pinup board game
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 8172   0
We have way too many games, and I often want to get rid of some, but there is a couple of issues that prevent me from doing so. I live with two other gamers. To get rid of a game we all have to agree upon it. It seems like whenever I pull something off the self and say "We should get rid of this", someone disagrees. Even when I do get everyone to agree, and I put the game up on my for trade list, when I actually get an offer, someone has second thoughts....
old dishwasher
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7766   0
I'm thinking of storing a diswasher in my basement. We just spent weeks hauling junk out of our house, and now I'm thinking of hording more junk. And not just something small, like a baby blanket or a book. I'm talking a big honking home appliance. But my thought process makes it seem like such a reasonable thing to do, and this is the way madness lies...
The De-Hoarding Grinds to a Halt
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 8004   0
As Matt Thrower mentioned in his comments to my first blog entry in this series, public accountability can keep the pressure on. Right now I almost feel like this is all that is keeping me going. Our energy has begun to lag on this project as the weather turns hotter making the process more uncomfortable, and we get tempted by fun summer activities and more interesting projects.
Town Dump Board Game
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 8939   0
We made up for last weekend's failure to make two dump runs, by hauling FIVE truck loads to the dump this weekend. It was hot, dirty work and and I still have a few aches and bruises today. We found out the town had changed one of their rules to our benefit - electronics can be dropped off for recycling for free. We were able to put together an entire load of old computers, monitors, printers, TVs, VCRs and DVD players. I know that sounds nuts to have been storing this stuff for years, but as I mentioned...
dehording keep toss donate
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7818   0
Unlike the TV show, Hoarders, I don't have an entire crew capable of clearing out my crapola in two days. Therefore, this clean-up has become more of a campaign than a one shot deal, requiring planning and logistics not unlike trying to get an RPG group together on a campaign to raid the Dragon Hoard, with the Department of Public Works as our total dick DM. As it turns out, actually getting the crapola off our property has turned out to be more difficult than deciding to part with our "treasures." Two pages of rules governing...
Hoarders and Collectors
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7898   0
I've been watching Hoarders to inspire me to get the house cleaned out and organized. I'm probably not alone here as a person  whose hobbies tend to cause her to accumulate stuff. So I have decided to keep this blog to help keep me honest and keep the pressure on to get the crapola out of my house. Our goal for this week is to get the stuff that really is just trash out of the house. No real hard decisions here, just hard dirty work.
Deep Thoughts on Women and Gaming
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7323   0
Recently, on the internets, I've been noticing people seeking blogs, articles and podcasts with a female gamer's perspective. Therefore, I have decided to provide some insight into the psyche of the woman gamer.
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