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Steve is an academic in Arizona and Texas that spends his off-time playing board games and hiking. He cut his teeth on wargames and ameritrash before later also developing an odd love of worker placement and heavier economic games. You can also find him on instagram at steve_boardgamesfeed.

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Fields of Fire: Our Encounter with the Mines
Member Blogs GS Gary Sax Updated January 28, 2015 3368   0
This is an AAR of a Fields of Fire patrol I just played.  It is atypical in that it is a very *uneventful* AAR, I’m afraid.  But that’s primarily because my previous patrol was such a mess and I triggered so many contact markers, making future patrols significantly easier.  I think that the makers of the game did a bit of a disservice by not having the first mission performed be a combat patrol.  Instead, they made it a full on attack.  A patrol is much more manageable as it is only a platoon of guys.  If you need...
Member Blogs GS Gary Sax Updated May 01, 2017 2529   0
I think I have better advice for starting out in Fields of Fire and where to start. Anybody who is curious and willing to take the plunge please read! And please buy it; it is a great, great game if you are into solo games at all and you surmount the learning curve. I was playing through a patrol type of scenario. I think I would recommend starting out with a patrol (like mission 3 in the WWII book). Try playing it without the darkness on the map, playing during the...
F:AT Fields of Fire Review
Board Game Reviews GS Gary Sax Updated February 01, 2019 12191   0
Who in their right mind plays solo wargames?  Me!
Member Blogs GS Gary Sax Updated January 28, 2015 3098   0
Came across this post by wargame designer  Charles Vasey, who just designed Unhappy King Charles, on TOS and it really struck a chord.  We had just been talking in a thread here about how wargame designers tend to get a little less stuck in ruts than euros because they make mechanics to actually do something, not just to be mechanics.  And right out of Charles mouth: "If I am reading people correctly they view rules like (for example) the subordination rules as chrome. I (on the other hand) view them as part of the historical background without...
Member Blogs GS Gary Sax Updated January 28, 2015 3138   0
I posted this in the forums but I really like my idea for BSG expansions, so I put it here in the blogs.  Don't read too far if you've never seen the series and want to, I'm going to spoil the second season a little for you.  But I think the second season provides an awesome opportunity to expand the game in more than just quantity.
Member Blogs GS Gary Sax Updated January 28, 2015 4785   0
I had a very nice experience this evening.  I basically finally realized that I had improved at a game and completely routed somebody in it. Basically I was playing Twilight Struggle.  I've been playing it a bit of wargameroom and also in the last 6 months had played it a bunch of times against a ftf opponent as well.   Somebody e-mailed me out of the blue to play via e-mail on ACTS a couple weeks ago and I just absolutely fucking dickpunched him.  He was an average player.  Autovictory in 4 turns.  I guess I'm just a...
Board Game Reviews GS Gary Sax Updated January 30, 2019 5337   0
Clash of Monarchs is a new GMT wargame on the Seven Years War (1756-1763). It's a CDG. 4 players--one plays Prussia, one Austria, one Britain and one France/Russia. It could easily be played 2 players. I have been playing it with some pretty experienced (not in COM) guys by e-mail and did some solo games. The VASSAL module is really the best one I've ever used. Here are my initial impressions, I'm absolutely going to need more play before I can rate it or be confident in my impressions. I'd like to hear...
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