Marc Reichardt (He/Him)
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Marc started gaming at the age of 5 by beating everyone at Monopoly, but soon decided that Marxism, science fiction, and wargames were more interesting than money, so he opted for writing (and more games) while building political parties, running a comic studio, and following Liverpool. You can find him on Twitter @Jackwraith and lurking in other corners of the Interwebs.


Marc Reichardt
Associate Writer

Articles by Marc Reichardt

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What Makes a Wargame?
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated July 08, 2018 1209   0
What are the essentials that make a game into a "wargame".
Dirty Secrets
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated July 08, 2018 896   0
Despite obvious Witchwood encouragement, Secret Paladin is still not a thing.
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated July 08, 2018 1170   0
A week after the nerfs to free up the meta, Hearthstone still mostly plays without the latest set.
Gargoyle lands with a thud
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated May 26, 2018 1419   0
That's a statue joke, get it? See, they're usually made of stone and can't fly... Nevermind. Cathedral Gargoyle was one of the more hyped cards for Paladin in The Witchwood, but either it just isn't going to measure up in Standard or the meta will have to change quite a bit.
Cards they are a changin'
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated May 22, 2018 1437   0
Nerfs are imminent for Hearthstone.
DreadCube FTW
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated May 16, 2018 1558   0
An alternative Cubelock that doesn't feel quite as awful.
Identity Crisis: RNG and Shamans in Hearthstone
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated June 02, 2018 2129   0
In September of 2017, the dev team for Hearthstone implemented a number of nerfs to Basic set cards that they felt were too much of a constant in the game. No Druid deck would ever play without Innervate and no Warrior deck without Fiery War Axe. In Shaman's case, the hammer fell on Hex, which was long regarded as the best single-target removal card in the game. In their explanation for why Shaman had been targeted despite not being anywhere near the top of the meta and with only one mildly competitive deck (Evolve/Jade), they stated that “Shaman is...
Why Overload is the Worst Mechanic in Hearthstone
Electronic Games J Jackwraith Updated June 02, 2018 11622   0
Overload, intended to be an advantage for the Shaman class, instead is one of the main factors in the class' inability to be competitive in constructed play, largely because it works against the essential tempo of the game.  
Comic discoveries
Member Blogs J Jackwraith Updated January 28, 2015 3766   0
I owned a comic studio with a friend in the 90s during the black-and-white/indy explosion. We called ourselves 5th Panel Comics and we had a stable of artists throughout the Midwest doing creator-owned material, much of which we collected under an anthology book called Razorwire - Twisted, Convoluted, Cutting Edge, but we also published a handful of standalone titles, as well. After reading comics since the mid-70s, I'd begun to tire of the constant superhero output of the major entities and was already a big fan of Dave Sim (Cerberus) and Vertigo's output, so that's the kind of material...
Relic: talisman of the new
Member Blogs J Jackwraith Updated May 29, 2018 3749   0
I probably wasn't going to get it at $60, since I've grown averse to roll-and-move games. I'm fine with Runebound, because you can move in more than two directions and adding one deck of cards can radically change how the game is played, while any of the large expansions do so, as well, rather than just adding on to the main game a la Talisman.
30 results - showing 21 - 30
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