John "Sagrilarus" Edwards (He/Him)
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John aka Sagrilarus is an old boardgame player. He has no qualifications to write on the subject, and will issue a stern denial of his articles' contents on short notice if pressed.

John "Sagrilarus" Edwards
Associate Writer

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Settlers of Catan
Up Your Game S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 8333   0
"Not liking Settlers is trendy. It's a way of declaring you're on the inside now, not willing to settle for a formerly-inside-but-now-outside game. I have no doubt that it's not a favorite for plenty of people, but you can say that about any game. Coming out of the closet about Settlers has a hipster quality to it. You're not merely above the rabble, you're above the rabblish part of the non-rabble." The above...
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 3386   0
Last night I got to teach Risk to three new players between the ages of 11 and 14, new not only to Risk but to the dudes-on-a-map genre in general.  Due to Risk's exceptionally light rule set we were up and running in about ten minutes, pieces played out and first turn underway.  The boys loved it and I have to admit I had a hell of a good time as well.  I made it a point to explain some of the unwritten rules to the game and these boys stepped into that part of the play quickly...
Overcoming Big Obstacles
Gaming Scene S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 6011   0
Sometimes people just hate. Three quarters of the way through I was being booed by the spectators on both sides of the obstacle course. This wasn’t “disappointed” booing, this was “angry” booing. This was “hate” booing. There was one guy of the 300 or so watching was rooting for me to open an even bigger lead, but he was wisely keeping his mouth shut. This was awhile...
After Action Report -- Martin Wallace's Test of Fire
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 4024   0
I had the opportunity to try out Martin Wallace's Test of Fire published by Mayfair Games. This is likely the lightest, fastest wargame you'll ever get the chance to play but don't discard it out of hand -- it has some good action going on and teaches the basics without a lot of confusion in the mix. Wallace has left the basics of wargaming intact. Region-to-region movement with only two types of units -- artillery and infantry and frankly the artillery doesn't really count. This game...
Big Bad-Ass Planes With Teeny Tiny Text
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 5239   0
        Behold the poster child of my woes:       This is my player aide for Wings of War: Dawn of World War II where the text size on the cards is so small and the colors so similar that I cannot discern which plane is capable of doing what while playing.  Today I put a second pair of reading glasses on over top of my first to solve the problem.  To rectify the situation a couple of years back I created a chart (where I splurged on 12 point font because...
Dis-Structured Design
Analysis S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 5045   0
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your daily boardgame trivia question: what is the property that comes just before Free Parking?
Great Call
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 3337   0
  There's an umpire that has worked my daughter's softball games for years that is well past his prime, likely in his eighties at this point.  He's not very mobile anymore and his eyesight is fading, and he should have hung up the shin guards years ago.  But he hasn't, and he still calls games and as you can imagine he's more prone to mistakes than most.  My daughter's teammates and their parents get frustrated when he shows up to ref the game, but I'm more pragmatic than that.  I can't fire him; I have no...
Sneak Peek: Návarchoi
Board Game Reviews S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 4912   0
This weekend at The World Boardgaming Championships I stumbled across Mike Nagel.  Mike is best known as the inventor of Flying Colors, an Age of Sail wargame that is very well respected, and he had it set up in open gaming.  As you'd expect considering the venue, four guys were heads down over the pieces firing volleys at each other while Mike tuned in only occasionally to coach.  Flying Colors looked interesting to me personally, but not gripping.  I've played another Age of Sail title extensively and I don't need a second one in the same genre.  But ....
Board Game Reviews S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 23771   0
In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m an egghead.  I've gotten to the age where I’d rather read Xenophon than George R. R. Martin, because to me history is more gripping than the best of make-believe.  I'm not into fiction anymore because it can't be even half as strange as real life.  For good reason -- if it was no one would believe it.
A Piece of Americana
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 3916   0
Ladies and Gentlemen THIS . . . is the Singer 160th anniversary featherweight sewing machine. Fully modern in every way, it offers sixty stitches at your fingertips, a hopping foot built in and a high neck bend to facilitate meandering on wide quilts. It's obvious to even the most casual of observers that, though modern, it's designed to look and feel like the legendary black-painted Singer featherweight machines of 50+ years ago, many of which are STILL doing hard duty today and keep begging for more. My wife's 100th anniversary edition still...
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