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John aka Sagrilarus is an old boardgame player. He has no qualifications to write on the subject, and will issue a stern denial of his articles' contents on short notice if pressed.

John "Sagrilarus" Edwards
Associate Writer

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The L-Word
Analysis S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 11769   0
Hi. It's me again -- that guy that complains about worker placement and drones on and on about how important "unpredictability" is in board games and why it matters to me. I'd like to spend a moment focusing on that last one yet one more time. Now, I am well aware that most of you are tired of the subject, but since I'm the one with the keyboard and you're the one with the monitor I'm going to pretend for just a moment that this is all about me and that I...
Analysis S Sagrilarus Updated February 07, 2015 31487   0
    "Running will only postpone your traitorous death."  Paul's voice was low, damn near cold-blooded.  All around him the others were arguing and yelling at each other in a fevered pitch as their plans for overthrow fell apart, but Paul was under control and all about business.  Though his comment was not directed at me, I made a mental note to never ever cross this guy in real life.
Image of Jesus Found on Dewey Beach
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 2826   0
  Last night my wife ran up to me with this shell, which obviously has an image of Jesus on the left-hand side.   My wife thought it looked like a Bernese Mountain Dog, but if you ask me the resemblance to Christ is simply uncanny, in a very real and financially viable way. I have him out on the deck if anyone has any questions for him. Sag.          
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 122   0
  Blog or Article on the sobering up of customers may result in a lot of gray-market counterfeiting with commercial tools.
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 4268   0
One of the most interesting findings is of a genetic mechanism for bringing about quick evolutionary change in a gene for behavior.  A possible subject of future inquiry is whether longstanding traits of certain societies may have an evolutionary basis, perhaps because over many generations they allowed people with a certain kind of personality to enjoy greater reproductive success than others. -- Nicholas Wade, Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors It's likely you've looked at a game in front of you and thought to yourself, "I think I may have played this before.  It seems...
I'm the Cheapest Bastard on the Planet
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 3180   0
    So I'm looking to buy a copy of Merchant of Venus and I've decided that I'm not going to be a damn fool about it.  I'm not going to blow the $75-$125 required to pick one of these things up in the aftermarket and am instead going to find a copy on the cheap, neglected in a Goodwill or at a flea market as part of some dead guy's unwanted legacy to his kids.  Worst case I print my own.  When asked how much I'd be willing to spend, I replied, "I'd like to pay $30, but I...
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 4143   0
    You just can't name even one thing better than having a gaming convention a mere eight miles from your house.      Okay, maybe having some women in attendance when you get there.  Or even just one.
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 30724   0
  Below is a shameless repub of material that I dropped into a Trash Talk thread yesterday.  I plan two detailed blogs entries to follow, one on the conference as a whole and one on the in-development IGS game Storm Over Europe that I got the opportunity to play, but this is the thumbnail sketch for people that read very slowly.  I've added a bit of crunchy goodness to the original thread entry to get you into the conversation in short order.   Funny you should mention that. I got the opportunity to sit down...
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated January 28, 2015 7089   0
Cosmic Encounter is selling for whopping $60.  Is that an ingenious way to guarantee darling reviews and a stellar rating?  It just may be.
Member Blogs S Sagrilarus Updated April 20, 2019 7482   0

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Everyone should own a Deathwalker 9000. They're kind of slow and can be a bit clumsy, but they're great for home protection and pretty doggone handy to have around for heavy lifting tasks. The real problem is that they're a bit soft and squishy on the inside and the service plan isn't the greatest. The trick is this -- keep them in a high, safe place away from salt water. I named mine "Howard" ...
94 results - showing 81 - 90
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