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While growing up in Carcassonne in the 80's, pedaling around on a squeaky Peugeot and dreaming of the bright future of gaming on Amstrads and Commodore PCs, Paul never intimated that his hometown would have any cultural notoriety aside from the obscure tourist attraction of its walled city.

Then a board game themed after his old home town unexpectedly entered his life at a very different place and time, in Santa Cruz California around 2001-2002. His wife had made this weird, serendipitous discovery in a dusty game shop and brought it home as a gift, something that they could play together and reclaim some time away from video gaming and other media.

It worked all too well, opening a pandora's box that will probably never close again.

Paul has been writing about various forms of games and paraliterary media since 2009, with an increasing focus on board games in more recent years.


Paul "Frohike" Bauman
Staff Writer & Forum Moderator


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This is not a gas mask
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I haven't played The Grizzled in awhile, but parts of what it expressed have...
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