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Urban Manhunt
U ubarose Updated February 11, 2019 1695   0

Game Information

Cynthia Celeste Miller, game designer, role playing game author and President of Spectrum Games will be joining us today to answer your questions about her new game, Urban Manhunt, as well as any other questions you might have regarding her work.
A AndrewMcAlpine Updated January 31, 2019 2160   0
In this Q & A, I talk to celebrated game designer Jason Morningstar about his design philosophy, his company's embrace of the Drip platform, and the intersection of play, history, and politics.
Interview with Andrew Haught: Designer of Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks
W WadeMonnig Updated August 14, 2018 2130   2
With the “upcoming” (things have always been a little “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” with the release dates of GaleForce 9's products) release of the Doctor Expansion packs for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, I reached out to Andrew Haught, designer of the title, to speak to him about the game, expansions, and all things “Whovian.”
Legacy of Dragonholt
MB Michael Barnes Updated June 27, 2018 3543   1
A Q&A with one of the most narratively astute designers working in games today.
Mansions of Madness Q&A
MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 5495   0

Game Information

If you caught my Mansions of Madness review the other week, you'll have gathered I was both impressed and disappointed by the game. The experience of playing is unique, but it feels overpriced especially given limited replay value out of the box. All that, however, has the potential to change given where the game goes in the future. On that basis I asked for, and got, the opportunity to chat to the designer Nikki Valens and Keith Hurley, VP of Media and Interactive at Fantasy Flight. I wanted to explore the game design, the motivation for...
Games Workshop and the Board Game Wars
MT Matt Thrower Updated September 19, 2016 5742   0
If you played tabletop games of any stripe in Britain in the 80's, Games Workshop was your entire world. The world-famous retailer of miniature battle games started life in 1975 as a small importer of exotic games. Even if you didn't play any of the classic titles they designed in-house, any hobby material in shops stood a good chance of having come in through GW. My gaming life started out as a slavish acolyte of their products and imports. Yet over the last three decades I've come to hate them and love them again twice over. Most recently I...
Bolt Thrower: Volko Ruhnke, Family Gaming
MT Matt Thrower Updated July 14, 2015 4449   0
A while back I interviewed Volko Ruhnke, the designer of Labyrinth and the COIN games, for a feature about political games. I knew it wasn’t going to be a long feature, so I ask for quick, snappy replies. He gave me a 4,000 word essay.
Reiner Knizia
T The*Mad*Gamer Updated June 28, 2015 7331   0
I did not expect to be enlightened so much in this interview. Knizia is truly no game hack, a brilliant man who was also super nice. Michael Barnes was also brilliant here and what a great time we had with this project.
Twilight Struggle kickstarter interview
MT Matt Thrower Updated January 28, 2015 14902   0
I'm guessing most of you already know Twilight Struggle is my favourite games, and I'm guessing most of you already know that there's a successful kickstarter running to fund an digital version. So, no prizes for also guessing that I backed the top tier, and arranged to do an interview feature on the adaptation over at pocketgamer. What's perhaps bigger news is that in amongst the interview tidbits I managed to glean there was some mechanical detail from Ananda Gupta about how some the new expansion material in the game is actually going to work. I...
Barnestorming- Brett Murrell (DOAII) Interview, Firefly, Wind Waker, Wake in Fright
MB Michael Barnes Updated January 28, 2015 25356   0
 Behold, Power Flannel.
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