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J Jackwraith Updated March 12, 2019 2755   0
A slow-moving wargame that's often as much history lesson as game experience.
Stone Age Board Game
U ubarose Updated March 31, 2019 995   0
The Anniversary Edition of Stone Age was recently released. That means this game is old, but clearly still popular enough that Z-man believes people will spend an extra $30 for a deluxe anniversary edition. Word is that the leather dice cup in the Anniversary Edition stinks just as much as it did in the original Stone Age.  But does the game stink too? What's your opinion? 
X xthexlo Updated March 07, 2019 2320   0
I generally dislike spending time and energy streamlining my game designs. To people who know my work, that’s probably a pretty obvious statement. Given the choice, I’ll always opt to move onto a fresh project rather than polish and tweak and refine.
Tigris & Euphrates Board Game
U ubarose Updated February 28, 2019 1532   1
Considered by many to be Reiner Knizia's masterpiece, Tigris & Euphrates is a " tactically rich, intense strategy game with lots of conflict (unusual in a German game)."  Originally published in 1997 by Hans im Glück, it has been now been in print for over 20 years. Does that make it a classic? However, many are now saying that the recently released Yellow & Yangtze surpasses Tigris & Euphrates. What do you think? Is Yellow & Yangtze or Tigris & Euphrates the better game? Do you one, or both or neither? 
J Jackwraith Updated February 27, 2019 3012   0
When game identity and topic becomes a problem, how do you deal with it?
W WadeMonnig Updated February 27, 2019 2171   2
When you have a family of six, as I do, getting everyone on the same page or interested in gaming on the same night is a rarity. When the stars do align, the number of interested or attending members can vary, along with how long they will be engaged in actually playing. Card games have virtually zero set-up time, don't require a huge time commitment and can accommodate a flexible number of players. The following card games are the ones that consistently provide the best experience for my family.
Cartagena 2nd Edition
U ubarose Updated February 27, 2019 1334   0
This pirate themed racing game was once the go-to filler game at every game day. Designed by Leo Colovini, and published in 2000, it was a Spiel des Jahres Recommendation in 2001. Cartagena's theme is the 1672 pirate-led jailbreak from the dreaded fortress of Cartagena. It came with a little story about it, so you got a little history lesson with the your game. It also included two variations, Jamaica and Tortuga, which play really quite differntly from each other In 2006 a sequel - Cartagena II was released. ...
S Sagrilarus Updated February 21, 2019 1370   0
Were you born 200 years too early, or 200 years too late?
J JonathanVolk Updated February 20, 2019 1853   0
Jonathan Volk returns to try and figure out what play is (and why some of the most playful people we know might opt out of playing games). This is Part 1 of a longer series called A Seat at the Table, which examines the ways we construct and close off our game tables.
J Jackwraith Updated February 20, 2019 2870   0
Star Trek as a phenomenon. How its peoples and the way they changed can be viewed through the best game ever made for it.
712 results - showing 11 - 20
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