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tomb of annihilation
Analysis SI san il defanso Updated January 27, 2019 1438   0
A D&D adventure for people who like slogging through jungles and wearing mosquito repellent. It's better than it sounds.
Twilight Imperium
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 2022   0
Twilight Imperium is an epic empire-building game of interstellar conflict, trade, and struggle for power. Being an "epic" game, it is also a game that can take hours to play, and often requires arranging a special game day just to play it.  Due to the length and complexity of Twilight Imperium,many players have looked to other games as a replacement resulting in heated  debates over whether games,such as Eclipse or Star Trek Ascendancy replaced Twilight Imperium.  Twilight Imperium recently got a new edition, which also resulted in some controvery over whether Twilight Imperium...
Dune Board Game
Essays J JonathanVolk Updated January 30, 2019 7354   0
Introducing Jonathan Volk- our new writer with a killer take on one of the best games of all time.
Rants & Raves A AndrewMcAlpine Updated January 23, 2019 2777   0
Y'all, what a year it's been.
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated January 15, 2019 1822   1
What was the next generation in globe-spanning, six hour wargames, Supremacy is rarely remembered.
My Woefully Incomplete and Wholly Inaccurate Best of 2018 Guide
Rants & Raves W WadeMonnig Updated January 23, 2019 3551   1
If you are searching for the definitive best of 2018 boardgame guide, look further. This isn’t it. This is a woefully incomplete and wholly inaccurate guide of the best and most notable games that I personally played in 2018. You won’t find your traditional categories here and, I would venture to say, you won’t find the traditional winners. This isn’t your father’s “best of” list…unless you happen to be one of my kids’ reading this, then, actually, this is your father’s “best of" list.
Barnes’ Best 2018
Rants & Raves MB Michael Barnes Updated January 24, 2019 2932   0
Spoiler, it’s Root. 
Games of Christmas Past
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated December 11, 2018 1179   0
It is the best bit of the holidays. The saggy, comfortable drift between Christmas and New Year when the house is still full of good things but the stress of entertaining has waned. When the TV and the conversation and the drinks run dry, there's only one thing left to fill the time. Games.
Survive Escape from Atlantis
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 1145   0
In 2011, Stronghold Games announced that they were re-printing the old family favorite Suvive!. And there was much rejoicing!  There is always much enthusiasm when a new edition of a long out of print game from our childhood is released, but once the nostalgia wears off, do those games actually have any staying power?    Did the nostalgia wear off for you? Or did the re-print of Survive! survive? What do you think of the expansions? Survive: Space Attack!? The 30th Anniversary Edition? Do you love it or hate it? Do you still play it?...
Play Matt: The 2018 Not-Awards Show
Rants & Raves MT Matt Thrower Updated February 01, 2019 2258   0
When I sat down to write this, it was going to be an awards piece. Something to celebrate the very best games I've played this year. It was all planned out: I had a series of categories, a winner in each and an overall game of the year. A pleasant exercise in rewarding excellence to cap off an excellent year of releases.
701 results - showing 11 - 20
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