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U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 723   0
Its the day after Thanksgiving, and yesterday, after clearing the plates from our feast, our family played Scattergories, Cockroach Poker and Heck Meck.  When I was a kid, it would have been Monolpoly, Dominos or Blackjack. In later years these games were replaced by Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. The games we play after holiday feasts may have changed, but the fun we have hasn't.     Do you play games with family on Thanksgiving? If so what do you play?   
Assault of the Giants: Lost In the Crowd.
J Jackwraith Updated November 20, 2018 1726   0
Assault of the Giants is a solid game based on a well-known IP. Why wasn't it more popular?
Power Grid
U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 1181   0
Power Grid, designed by Friedemann Friese was published way back in 2004. It is still going strong with it's most recent expansion, Power Grid: Fabled Expansion, released in 2017. It's been called a crayon rail game without the crayons, an auction game, a train game without the trains.   Whatever you call it, do you love it or hate it? Do you still play it?
The Conundrum of Co-operation
MT Matt Thrower Updated November 07, 2018 1840   1
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage provided one of the most memorable gaming sessions of my life. Since the mid game, my Carthaginian armies had dominated the board thanks to a blend of luck and skill. In the final turn, Rome's only hope was an instant victory by taking Carthage itself. He duly built a big invasion stack and in response, I drew forces back to protect Africa.
Empty Shelves
S Sagrilarus Updated October 29, 2018 1318   0
This Summer I moved for the first time in 22 years.  That's a long time, especially when the house you're moving from has ample storage.  I don't recommend houses with ample storage, as it's likely you'll use it, and that's not doing you any favors.  This is particularly true when your hobby requires big clunky boxes of different sizes to be kept over extended periods of time.
Talisman Board Game
U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 1263   0
Talisman the Magical Quest Game, desgined by Bob Harris was published in 1983 and has been a much loved and a much loathed game ever since. I once asked Mr. Harris if he had a choice, would he rather be remembered as "Robert J. Harris, the author," or "Bob Harris the designer of Talisman?"  He answered that although he didn't expect to be remembered at all, that one of his great pleasures was recieving letters from children all over the world about the fun and happiness that Talisman a had given them.    ...
Shadow Hunters
U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 775   0
It's almost Halloween, so less take a look back at the spooky game - Shadow Hunters by Z-Man Games. There is fairly recent reprint of Shadow Hunters which includes the 10 card expansion with the additional characters, so it would appear that Shadow Hunters has been a popular game and people are still playing it.   If you have never played and want to know more about it, you can check out one of our reviews - Shadow Hunters Review by Matt Drake  or Shadow Hunters Board Game Review by Shellie Rose .  ...
The Hellgame
J Jackwraith Updated October 22, 2018 1958   0
A little-known release from a one-time publisher, The Hellgame is the other side of German game design: visceral and thematic, but still mechanically interesting.
The Downfall of Pompeii Board Game
U ubarose Updated October 19, 2018 837   0
The Downfall of Pompeii, designed by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede, the creator of  Carcasonne, is a Euro-style game that also appealed to Ameritrashers. With its clever placement and movement mechanics, this family favorite had you racing for the gates of Pompeii, while blocking your opponents with hot lava and throwing them into the volcano.    So what do you think? Love it or Hate It? Do you Still Play It?
What (Modern) Boardgame Have You Played the Most?
W WadeMonnig Updated October 30, 2018 2207   2
Sometimes, there is a difference between what game you have played the most and what is your favorite. Leaving out the classics board games such Monopoly, Poker, and Clue, that have decades long head starts on modern board games, I tried to narrow down what game I have played the most. Some games, like Coup, have the advantage of short play time and virtually no set-up. Others, like King of Tokyo or Magic, have been around long enough to fall into the modern classic category. Even taking those into account, the game I have played this most is Evolution:...
712 results - showing 41 - 50
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