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Game Ratings
Rants & Raves X xthexlo Updated July 26, 2018 1102   0
What does rating games really mean?
dominion card game
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 909   0
Dominion, winner of the 'Spiel des Jahres in 2009, is the game that launched a thousand ... other games sort of just like it, but different.   Ken B. declared that Dominion was "Good shit!" However, other members of our site soon declared it boring. Before too long our reviewers where telling us that one of the many deck builders that quickly followed, such as Ascension and Artic Scavengers, were better than Dominion. So what do you think? Do you still play Dominion? Do you play other deck builders? Do you have...
Descent 2nd Edition
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 1070   0
Ten years ago Descent: Journeys in the Dark was THE dungeon crawl.   "Odds are you've heard of it as it slammed itself onto many tables as a massive box full of plastic bits and tiles, came with a tweaked version of the Doom dice system and was almost a really nice minis system.   ...except that the scenarios REALLY, REALLY sucked...You know, Descent really pretty much sucks." - Frank Branham   Fantasy Flight Games rebooted the game with Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd...
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 985   0
Pandemic, Matt Leacock's smash hit co-operative game that "launched a thousand flabby imitators," is 10 years.    Michael Barnes describe it thusly, "In Z-Man Games blockbuster smash hit Pandemic, players are trying to stop wooden cubes from spreading over a map of the world.  The players must band together to end four different strains of the most virulent, insidious infectious disease ever known to mankind- CUBE CONFUSION.  Symptoms include a generalized inability to experience fun, an allergy to dice, increased weight gain, and sexual arousal caused by the scent of painted wooden cubes. ...
Warhammer Diskwars
Rants & Raves SI san il defanso Updated July 17, 2018 1542   0
Warhammer Diskwars is the sort of game that could only ever fail.
Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition
Rants & Raves U ubarose Updated February 19, 2019 1007   0
I came across the Last Night on Earth 10 Year Anniversary Edition in my FLGS last night, and realized that Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game and this website are almost exactly the same age.   It received four positive reviews, several professions of love in the blogs, and one member even posted his own home brew expansion. Michael Barnes was the only outlier declaring "Last Night on Earth Fails to Deliver Zombie Vs. Shark Action." However, even he went on to say "it's a pretty darn good game and probably the...
Legacy of Dragonholt
Interviews MB Michael Barnes Updated June 27, 2018 2766   1
A Q&A with one of the most narratively astute designers working in games today.
An Introduction to Block Wargames
Analysis J Jackwraith Updated July 08, 2018 2052   0
What makes a block wargame and how to start blocking
Rants & Raves MB Michael Barnes Updated June 25, 2018 2124   1
It’s time to clean house.
Dragon Dice
Essays X xthexlo Updated June 25, 2018 1170   1
Grithsdane was disposable. That's what made him so much fun.
701 results - showing 51 - 60
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