Cracked LCD 100- An Article about Writing

Cracked LCD 100- An Article about Writing Hot

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I was going to have an all-star gala to celebrate the centennial edition of Cracked LCD but Reiner Knizia, Rudiger Dorn, whoever the joker was that designed TOMB, and Tom Lehmann wouldn't return my calls. So instead I wanted to write about writing the column.

After being in this board games writing racket in various capacities for going on six years, sometimes I'm amazed that I can still come up with this stuff.  There's been more than a few times when I've been sure that the Cracked LCD for the week wasn't going to happen but I've always managed to pull something out of my ass. And sometimes my best columns, I think, have come from those weeks when I was at a loss for what to write. When you don't have a subject, sometimes it's best just to open up. You start writing and all of a sudden it's like "ah- there's the article I really wanted to write".

I'd really like for companies to start releasing games that I'm interested in reviewing again, I kind of miss doing that. That being said, in the next couple of weeks I have a review coming up of the entire CUTTHROAT CAVERNS line and and a very, very belated AGE OF CONAN review. If anyone will play it with me.

Cracked LCD 100- An Article about Writing There Will Be Games
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