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There Will Be Games

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This morning my husband started my car by pushing it out of the driveway, rolling it down the hill and popping the clutch. He’s my man. My hero. My knight in shining armor. My Conan.

In a typical week, the manliest thing most husbands or boyfriends get to do is haul the trash to curb. Unless he is an AT gamer. I know it’s all make believe, but watching a man’s mind work, witnessing him crush his enemies, seeing his victory dance – it’s all good. Honestly, I don’t understand why so many men have trouble getting their women to play with them. What woman doesn’t want to spend an evening flirting with a warrior, a Viking, a hunter, a superhero?

Oops, I just remembered. The first game you are supposed teach the little woman is about matching colored cards. W00T look at me. I can count and know all my colors. Yeah, that was impressive back in kindergarten.

I believe that little anonymouse said something about AT games being adolescent. Did this guy turn twenty and exchange his testosterone for a calculator and a minivan? And how does his woman really feel about that?

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There Will Be Games
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