Cracked LCD Countdown- Top Ten Games I'd Like to Play Again Someday

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Cracked LCD Countdown- Top Ten Games I'd Like to Play Again Someday
There Will Be Games

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Pictured is Yanni. For no reason. You may find it hard to believe, but he looks JUST LIKE Ken B.

This month's Cracked LCD Countdown is all about the games I'd really, seriously like to play again at some point.

REVOLUTION: THE DUTCH REVOLT has become almost a symbol for this phenomenon. You know, the game you play and think "man, this is great, it'll be even better next time"...and you never play it again. And then there are favorites that get sidelined in favor of new titles. And games that I didn't really like that I want to try again.

So join me over at for this litany of the foresaken, won't you? At least stop by to see the Yanni kissing booth.

There Will Be Games

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