Cracked LCD's Game of the Year 2010

Cracked LCD's Game of the Year 2010 Hot

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Alright, cut the chitchat. It's time for the Cracked LCD Game of the Year presentation at

"It's too soon for a game about terrorism. *sob*"

"RAVENLOFT is too dumbed down and there's not enough drawings of vampires on the cards"

"Oh no, bidding? But...but...that's a Eurogame mechanic!"

"Hmm...that game doesn't have pretty pictures. It can't possibly be any good."

"HORUS HERESY isn't _that_ bad."

These are some examples of the kinds of bitching that we may see in the forum below, so brace yourselves.

At any rate, these are my picks for the best games of the year. I've changed format somewhat and offered five runners-up and a GotY pick along with some honorable mentions. No categories this year.

I do want to take a second to recognize some other folks in particular whom I think made 2010 such a good year for the hobby. 

First up, Zev Shlasinger. It's been a real delight to watch Z-Man games grow from being a tiny company hawking SHADOWFIST cards to putting out a AAA game like EARTH REBORN, doing obscure reprints like MAGICAL ATHELETE, and continually turning out top quality products that are innovative and unique. It seems like every single freaking game I see coming out that I'm interested in is a Z-Man title. Part of that is because Zev has impeccable taste in games- he knows what's good, bad, and interesting.  If there's anyone in the hobby that should be anointed tastemaker, it's him.

Second, Jim Bailey at Grindhouse Games. Not only did he give me the best interview I've ever done, he also brought a level of candour and frankness to hobby games talk that is really kind of unprecedented.  I also applaud him, of course, for INCURSION which is a great game in its own right and I think its "pay what you like" marketing model that separates the miniatures from the board game is smart and good for consumers. I can't wait to see what he's got in the oven.

Third. John Clowdus. I think Small Box Games is one of the most interesting imprints in the hobby right now, and I love that John is incredibly prolific, innovative, and conscious of cost.  I love his DIY, print-on-demand business model and I love that he's doing games unlike anything else out there right now.  He just gave me several new games that he's been working on and I can't wait to try them out. Fun fact- every time I see this guy I want to call him Evan Williams. As far as I'm concerned, that's his actual name.

Fourth, Alan Emrich at Victory Point Games. His DTP ethic and emphasis on solid, intriguing gameplay with unique settings was exactly the breath of fresh air that I think we needed in a year where bloat, excess, and expensiveness suffocated many promising games. Of all the games with an assumed 2011 release date, I think Chris Taylor's WAR OF THE WORLDS game has got to be my most anticipated one.

Fifth, Steve Avery. This guy is like the living embodiment of Ameritrash. I can't wait to see what shit he pulls in 2011. I hope he finds a publisher for his novella, ASS UP ON EUCLID AVENUE: AN ITP MEMOIR.

Finally, a message to FFG- better luck next year. Protip- more lke DEATH ANGEL.

So that's it, 2010 is over. Bye.

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