Ah do not pleh zee GAME Hot

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reno-jean-photo-xl-jean-reno-621-1.jpg I thought that for this week's column , which is my birthday week column since it is the week in which my birthday falls, I would rant a little bit about no-interaction games. I don't want any of those for my birthday.

Don't get your hopes up even though it is my birthday- "zee GAME" is not GAME Z. If it were, your minds would be blown like those of the developers and playtesters who have been deemed worthy of playing it. I'm not a shill, whether or not it is my birthday.

It's very important that when you read the words "zee GAME" in the article that you raise your hands into the air and adopt a ludicrious French accent. The guy I heard this from was Frenchier than the french fries I will probably eat at Sassy Sliders, in NYC, on my birthday.

Probably the best YouTube imbed of all time...the only thing that would be better is if Rowdy Roddy Piper wished me a personalized happy birthday greeting at the end of it.
Ah do not pleh zee GAME There Will Be Games
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