A Michael Barnes Double Feature

A Michael Barnes Double Feature Hot

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aip_double_feature.jpg OK, we have a double feature today.

First up is the Cracked LCD column over at Gameshark.com. It's my New Year's Resolutions, and I've already acted successfully on like four of them. Did any one not "resolve" to play the games they own more and buy less in 2009? Probably not Frank Branham.

Second, I'm doing a little freelance work at a site called Worthpoint.com. It's an antiques and collectibles site and I was asked to write a couple of pieces about board games as collectibles. It's here, go click on it so I look good and they ask me to write more. Keep in mind that the article is written for a _very_ different audience than who I usually write for, so it's probably pretty boring for us hobby vets. I also wrote a piece about one of their folks that's up at the inauguration. Click on it too , while you're over there.
A Michael Barnes Double Feature There Will Be Games
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