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TToA Playtest, Arise!
JL Jason Lutes Updated January 28, 2015 7026   0
Well, 6 months after getting publisher feedback, I finally finished revising Thrilling Tales of Adventure! It was a lot of work, taking up every last minute of spare time that was already at a premium since we had welcomed a new addition to the family in December. The biggest change was throwing out the old movement system and replacing it with one that would theoretically tie in better to the other game systems, but I made a host of other changes as well. I brought the map size down about 20% to open up more table space,...
Panic Station: Designing a paranoia SF trip part 1
S Shapeshifter Updated January 28, 2015 9161   0
I don't know about you, but when I watch a great movie there is this small portion of my brain (not hijacked by fantasies of Nigella Lawson doing a naked cook-out in my garden) that triggers a potential idea for a game design. I know, it's kind of annoying. Especially when you are watching an arthouse Ingmar Bergman-style romp and subconsialy try to find a mechanic to simulate the sexual frustration of the main protagonist (Knizia, were are you when you are needed?) but it surely can be an inspiration when you are watching, say,...
TToA Playtest: Vol. I, Chapter 3
JL Jason Lutes Updated January 28, 2015 6716   0
Read the first chapter here . Read the previous chapter here .  CHAPTER 3: DOLLAR'S DIAMONDS The deafening roar of gunfire fills the hospital halls, and a spray of bullets tears across the wall, drawing a ragged line of death where Uri had stood just a second before. The magician, having dived to the floor at the last possible instant, rolls to face the direction of the gunfire and fires off two shots before he can even get a clear look at his assailant. A Thompson submachine gun clatters to the tiles and its owner, a...
TToA Playtest: Vol. I, Chapter 2
JL Jason Lutes Updated January 28, 2015 7220   0
Read chapter 1 here .  ----------  CHAPTER 2: PERIL IN PETROGRAD  Meanwhile, in a cluttered Magician's Garret [Home Base] in snowy Petrograd, the Amazing Uri is rehearsing his magic act when his concentration is broken by insistent knocking. Irritated, he throws opens the door only to find the hall empty, but notices an envelope at his feet. Inside are a handful of ruble notes, about which Uri immediately notices something strange: on the face of every bill is an engraved portrait of what looks like an American gangster. Intrigued by the obviously...
JL Jason Lutes Updated May 01, 2017 8766   0
Herewith is the first installment of attempt to document a recent playtest session in its entirety. I'm going to try to keep it narrative, but actual cards titles will be indicated by bold type, and notes on mechanics will be appear in brackets throughout. After the last chapter runs, I'll post a rundown of the positive and negative conclusions we drew from the playtest. If you're not familiar with my game, here's its page on BGG .  
Maziacs - the Board Game
M maka Updated January 28, 2015 6342   0
Maziacs the Boardgame When I was growing up, my parents bought me a ZX Spectrum. It was my first computer and it came with a case of tapes with many games. Some were pretty bad, but some were very good and I remember them to this day (of course, emulators do help a lot there... ). One of my favorite games, which fascinated me with its big characters...
M maka Updated January 28, 2015 6873   0
I just designed a new free print and play game for a contest on BGG. The contest is about designing a game that needs special dice and no other components (except for pen and paper to note scores or other stuff).  I wanted to create a game that built on the basic mechanic of rolling a bunch of dice, setting one or more aside and re-rolling, but instead of just getting points for the result, this result could be used as another element of the game, in this case, the available goods on each planet.  I'm...
S Ska_baron Updated January 28, 2015 4539   0
  Hrm. Where do I start? Guardians is an epic adventure game set in a fantasy world. Each player controls one of four elemental Guardians who are demi-gods trying to restore order amidst chaos.  Though  expected to act as responsible stewards of their element and humanity, these near-gods have let excessive pride and discontentment eclipse their mission to serve as shining examples of the responsible use of power.  The Guardians have let the world fall into disorder - plagues, wildfires, floods, unnatural storms all rage across the kingdom destroying the people who put their trust in them...
Thrilling Tales of Adventure! [Pt. 2]
JL Jason Lutes Updated January 28, 2015 6432   0
  We have another round of playtesting scheduled for this Sunday, so I need to get the rest of this account down before my memory is cluttered with a whole new session. I'm running out of steam a little, since a lot of work demands are encroaching on my free time, somy apologies in advance for the fact that the level of detail here will taper off as this entry proceeds. When last we left our intrepid Heroes, Jack Snapper was knee deep in Lemuria, The Amazing Uri's attention had been drawn to the Amazon Jungle, and...
Thrilling Tales of Adventure! [Pt. 1]
JL Jason Lutes Updated January 28, 2015 10545   0
For the past two and a half years, most of my free time has been consumed by the development of a pulp hero adventure boardgame. The design has gone through three complete overhauls, which have been particularly arduous because the game is so card dependent (there are over 600), and each revision has necessitated a near-complete rewrite of all of the cards. A few weeks ago I finally managed to finish the third complete prototype (above), and this past week a gang of hardy playtesters were finally able to put it through its paces. I got...
40 results - showing 21 - 30
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