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Ken's Thursday Trash Talk -- The Great Chili Cookoff
KB Ken B. Updated January 07, 2019 5069   0
Today's spin of the wheel led me to a cute little game that I've actually played within the past week--Dan Baden's spicy little number, The Great Chili Cookoff.  What was that I used to say?  "Join us, won't you?"
Martin Wallace London
KB Ken B. Updated January 07, 2019 5331   0
Spinning the wheel this week,'s Martin Wallace's London. A game I like, but may be of minimal interest to a lot of our crew. Anyway, here goes._________________________________
Skip Bo
KB Ken B. Updated January 07, 2019 5842   0
Here's my plan. Each Thursday, I'm going to generate a random number and compare it against my collection of games and just blab about whatever my opinions or experiences are with that game. The kick in the nuts this week? To start it all off? The randomizer chose "Skip-Bo." So this should be fun, right?  
Gaming In The Doghouse - July 2015
C ChristopherMD Updated January 07, 2019 5713   0
  This month in the Doghouse we played Merchants & Marauders, March of the Ants, Lords of Waterdeep, and a few others.  
Gaming In The Doghouse - June 2015
C ChristopherMD Updated January 07, 2019 4915   0
My attempt at a new gaming blog that I will be making a serious effort to keep up with monthly. This month in the doghouse we played Imperial Assault, Lords of Waterdeep, and RoboRally.
Emerging From the Wreckage: Building a Board Gaming Room
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 6390   0
A couple of F:ATies have emailed and PMed me requesting an update on my house burning up situation and our rebuilding efforts. These F:ATies also seemed to believe that other people might be interested as well. I had hoped that by this time I would have been able to announce that we were back in our home, and post some feel good "before" and "after" photos. Sadly that is not the case. Our current estimate is that our house will not be suitable for human occupancy until sometime in January, and even then, the rebuilding will not be complete....
Emerging from the Wreckage: Hurry Up and Wait
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7062   0
This week it will be four month since the fire and we still don't have a written itemization of what is getting torn out and rebuilt on the interior of our house. Four fucking months! If you have ever had your car wreaked you know how this works. You can't take the car into a shop to get it repaired until an adjuster takes a look at it. Imagine it took four months for the adjuster to get out and look at your car. I've called our adjuster every week since Thanksgiving, and every week...
House on Fire
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 4083   0
It's been nearly two months since the fire, and I have finally moved beyond shock and hysteria to the point where I can laugh at some of this. The support of all you FATies, both online and face-to-face, has really helped me get to this point. Therefore, I thought I'd share some pictures with you, so maybe you can be amused as well, because as ATers we know that explosions, destruction and wreckage is actually pretty entertaining. 
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 322   0
Before the fire at our house was even out, our insurance adjuster was on the scene. He handed us a folder and a $5000 check to cover our "immediate needs." Going on a $5000 shopping spree has always sounded like it would be awesome. However, it is amazing how un-fun it actually was. 
burning board game
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 6524   0
I've always hated those hypothetical "What 10 games would you want to have if you were stranded on a desert island," or "What 3 games would you save if your house was on fire." I guess I should have paid more attention to those, because two weeks ago we quite literally had about 5 minutes to grab 5 games off our selves before all our games were packed up to be put into deep storage for 8-12 months.  
193 results - showing 41 - 50
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