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At the Gates of Loyang
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 9519   0
At the Gates of Loyang is a game about getting vegetables and exchanging them for other vegetables and then exchanging those vegetable for money which is used to buy points. That should be explanation enough for why I hate it. But it isn't.   
The Village Board Game
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7284   0
I was totally surprised to learn that a game I liked had won the Kennerspiel des Jahres Award. Several months ago The Village had some buzz among the women in the internet board game community. It was almost totally based on the game's theme and a brief description of the game play. Only a few gals had actually played it. It seemed like something my Euro-loving gal gamer friends might like, and since I' m always looking for a good compromise game so I don't have to be polite and sit and smile through another hand of Dominion or...
Arkham Horror with the Girls
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7552   0
The Spawn invited her cousin, Ghost, and her friend, Kindle Girl, over for Arkham Horror and a sleep over on Friday. This kind of took me by surprise, since The Spawn has never played Arkham Horror, and doesn't like games that last more than 30 minutes. The first thing she asked when we sat down to play was if the game was really going to last for 8 hours. The game did last 4 hours, with a break for pie, and The Spawn spent a good deal of it standing up (she just can't sit that long). I...
M MattFantastic Updated January 07, 2019 7529   0
  On Wednesday (June 20th) I did a gay super hero wedding in NYC. It was pretty awesome.  
KB Ken B. Updated January 07, 2019 8684   0
I've been waiting until I had a chunk of time to respond to this, as being someone who proclaimed A Few Acres of Snow my best game of 2011, I feel obligated to respond.  (I also answered the questions that Jesse sent out during his research for this article.) First up, my 'review' style has changed greatly over the past year or so.  Originally, I did wait until several months after a game's release and write very heavy, very thorough reviews.  I noticed that if a game was more than a few months old, it...
Shit IT People Say
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7169   0
Yesterday I overheard three guys on the other side of my cubical wall arguing about the John Carter movie. Two of them had read the books.
Balancing My Fun and My Family
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 3509   0
I assumed that as The Spawn got older I would have more time for my own personal interests. It makes sense, doesn't it? At 13, she doesn't require constant supervision. She can entertain herself. I can leave her alone in the house without being arrested for child neglect. She spends most of her evenings doing homework anyway. Unfortunately, I have found that I seem to have less free time and am generally more exhausted than when she was 8 - 10 years old.
self toad
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 6954   0
Back in October I blogged about Getting Rid of Games. I decided to give a couple of our under played games to Kindle Girl one of The Spawn’s friends. Kindle Girl is over my house about 4 days a week, and ever since she discovered my game cupboard, we’ve been playing board games when time allows. We taught her Settlers of Catan, which she loved, so I gave her our copy of Settlers Gallery Edition (the version with the fixed map). She tried to teach it to her parents, but the Mom told me they spent about 2 hours...
Arkham Holiday
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 7460   0
My Man spoiled me this week. I got the Dark Pharaoh (Revised) and Miskatonic expansions for Arkham Horror, and the Mansions of Madness Forbidden Alchemy expansion. As a bonus, Fantasy Flight Games finally published the revised rules for Elder Sign. So, it's been an Arkham Holiday this week in my house. Both Dark Pharaoh and Miskatonic were better than I expected. The original version of Dark Pharaoh added encounter cards to the existing base game Arkham and Other Worlds location decks which, if you happened to draw them might give you an exhibit...
pinup board game
U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 8062   0
We have way too many games, and I often want to get rid of some, but there is a couple of issues that prevent me from doing so. I live with two other gamers. To get rid of a game we all have to agree upon it. It seems like whenever I pull something off the self and say "We should get rid of this", someone disagrees. Even when I do get everyone to agree, and I put the game up on my for trade list, when I actually get an offer, someone has second thoughts....
193 results - showing 51 - 60
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