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Dan Thurot

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Playing board games since he was old enough to chew wargame counters and writing about their rugged texture (with woody undertones) since 2011, Dan Thurot has been called the Hemingway of board games journalism, though he suspects it's because he uses too many conjunctions. As the guy who signs for the mail at popular board gaming site Space-Biff!, Dan gets to see lots of games, or at least the boxes they're shipped in, so he's absolutely thrilled to finally see what all the fuss is about. Residing in a lonely cottage in the Wasatch Mountains with his wife, daughter, lots of classic literature, and an imaginary dog named Bo, he would much rather talk about all things cardboard than about himself. But if you absolutely must know who Dan would most like to see in concert, dead or alive, he's got a rattlesnake of an answer: Frank Sinatra, at a Mafia-run casino, in Cuba, during the 1946 Havana Conference between the American Mob and the Cosa Nostra. Cool suits, loaded guns, some of the biggest mobsters in history packed into one gala. No show like it on Earth.

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