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All through high school and college, Drew Geekinsight (an alias) was a big time role-player and M:tG competitor (mostly local tournaments where he performed at a decidedly mediocre tier). As college turned to grad school and time dwindled, his ability to come up with a compelling story each week for RPGs waned. On weeks when he couldn't get something together, his gang started breaking out Settlers of Catan. It took over from there until it was all board games every week. His first love is euro games (Agricola, Power Grid, and Notre Dame), but he enjoys select adventure games like Eldritch Horror as well. His favorites tend to be are games combine euro mechanics with high theme - which puts him squarely in the camp of Vlaada Chvatil fanhood.

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Photosynthesis Board Game
Board Game Reviews
GeekInsight   August 27, 2018   805   0
A stunning example of simple rules and (relatively) complex gameplay.
Mountains of Maddness Board Game
Board Game Reviews
GeekInsight   June 25, 2018   1336   0
When you think Cthulhu, you think wacky. Right?
Spirit Island game set up
Board Game Reviews
GeekInsight   June 07, 2018   1158   0
The island strikes back.
Board Game Reviews
GeekInsight   May 16, 2018   1545   0
Azul is all about using beautiful Spanish tiles to create a wall design. That subject matter may not be the most evocative or exciting (unless you're abnormally enamored with décor), but it doesn't matter. The game is basically an abstract title with pretty pieces. But it does demonstrate how exceptional and fulfilling a game can be even without an interesting setting.
4 results - showing 1 - 4