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Marc started gaming at the age of 5 by beating everyone at Monopoly, but soon decided that Marxism, science fiction, and wargames were more interesting than money, so he opted for writing (and more games) while building political parties, running a comic studio, and following Liverpool. You can find him on Twitter @Jackwraith and lurking in other corners of the Interwebs.


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Jackwraith   August 28, 2018   574   0
"Well, Bob, here we are on the verge of another season of rampant violence and mayhem! Let's take a look at all of the leagues and see who's going to come out on top in each one and then in the interleague playoffs leading to the Blood Bowl!"
Jackwraith   July 31, 2018   583   0
A look at four of Columbia's block wargame offerings.
Board Game Reviews
Jackwraith   July 11, 2018   680   0
Fate of the Elder Gods brings worker placement to the nether reaches
Jackwraith   June 26, 2018   925   0
What makes a block wargame and how to start blocking
Jackwraith   June 12, 2018   534   0
What are the essentials that make a game into a "wargame".
Electronic Games
Jackwraith   June 08, 2018   325   0
Despite obvious Witchwood encouragement, Secret Paladin is still not a thing.
Movies and Television
Jackwraith   June 02, 2018   504   0
Annihilation is a film that tries too hard to be interesting with material that's been covered many times before.
Electronic Games
Jackwraith   May 31, 2018   450   0
A week after the nerfs to free up the meta, Hearthstone still mostly plays without the latest set.
Electronic Games
Jackwraith   May 25, 2018   694   0
That's a statue joke, get it? See, they're usually made of stone and can't fly... Nevermind. Cathedral Gargoyle was one of the more hyped cards for Paladin in The Witchwood, but either it just isn't going to measure up in Standard or the meta will have to change quite a bit.
Electronic Games
Jackwraith   May 21, 2018   819   0
Nerfs are imminent for Hearthstone.
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