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Matt has been writing about tabletop games professional since 2012, blogging since 2006 and playing them since he could talk.


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Spy Club Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated September 02, 2018 2123   0
It's called Spy Club but with the picture of sleuthing kids on the box, I keep calling it Spy Kids. My own kids admonish me every time I misname it. And I misname it a lot: it's obviously a family co-operative game, so we're sitting down to play it as a family. 
Mars Open: Tabletop Golf Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated August 19, 2018 1176   0
Among the games, one stands out with its garish pink box and cheap cartoon art. I pick it up, see that it's a tabletop golf game and images of cheap executive toys flit across my brain. I put Mars Open: Tabletop Golf to one side. There are far more interesting, and interestingly coloured, games in this selection to look at.
Battle for Rokugan Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated September 14, 2018 2410   1
The first counter goes down on the board, sliding off the owner's thumb with a satisfying thwack. Its arrowhead points at my capital like an accusation. Besides that, I'm clueless. What is it? Given that it's sat on a territory border, it's either an army or a bluff. But if it's real, how many samurais are rolling in my direction? My palms begin to sweat. What do I need to do to defend myself? 
Star Wars: Legion Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 31, 2018 1638   0
I am too tired to go and learn a bunch of complicated miniatures rules. But a chance to game is a chance to game, so it looks like I'm going to have to go and learn Star Wars: Legion either way. 
Photosynthesis Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 25, 2018 1972   0
Gamers have packed into the hall, the noise and heat are unbelievable. I am too tired to cope with the sensory overload, but I am drawn to the lady with purple hair like a beacon of hope in midst of chaos. As the evening passes, that hair will serve as an anchor in a sea of geekery, enabling other friends to find and speak to us. I know the lady with the purple hair and her friend have a game waiting for me and, tired as I am, my hopes are high.
Century: Golem Edition Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 25, 2018 4211   0
As soon as I see the box, I want it. Even after all these years of gaming, the evocative pull of good box art is still capable of stirring me, deep in my wallet. And when it comes, before I take the shrinkwrap off, I spend a moment admiring it. Looking at the golem's inscrutable face, its vast scale compared to the tiny caravans, wondering what it's doing with that tree.
Azul Board Game Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 25, 2018 3978   0
Azul sits out on the shelf, because there are too many games and I can't find anywhere to put it away. Elder daughter arrives home and seizes on it with a level of enthusiasm only a pre-teen can muster. "OH my GOD that is the MOST GORGEOUS game I have EVER SEEN!". There is a pause. "What is it?" I explain it's a game about tiling walls. Her enthusiasm cools noticeably. But we play it anyway.
Escape the Dark Castle Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 14, 2018 3034   0
The press release is black. Black font. Black images. Black box art featuring a black pen and ink drawing of a spooky castle thronged with spooky bats. But it's the title that catches my attention. Printed in that font of thick letters inside thin outlines so beloved of Games Workshop of yore, it screams "ESCAPE THE DARK CASTLE". Both font and words immediately capture my attention.
Essays M MattDP Updated June 04, 2018 749   0
Hanging on the wall in a cramped hallway is a huge painting. Three boats speed across it, their tall sails blurring as they whip in the wind. The rippling sea and bruised sky are patchworks of colour, contrasting fiercely like the elemental enemies they are. Light, catching on the surface, reveals unexpected textures. Rakes of painterly brush strokes shimmer, their refraction bringing it all to life as I move my head. 
Kingdomino vs Queendomino Review
Board Game Reviews M MattDP Updated July 17, 2018 4860   0
The box says "QUEEN DOM" on the side in huge marker-pen letters. A neighbour signed for it before my wife retrieved it and put it in the halls where my kids and their friends passed it as they came in from school. I wonder, with a thrill of horror, how many people think I've been ordering sex toys. "It's .... it's a game," I stammer, holding the box open as proof. No-one cares.
389 results - showing 11 - 20
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