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Pete Ruth has been writing about games and culture for over five years, and has been playing board, miniature, and role playing games since 1981. By day, he's out saving the world, but by night, he's slaughtering zombies, acting as a Shogun of Imperial Japan, and bootlegging whiskey. Pete's rambunctious views on games and gaming can be found uncensored and unfiltered at

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Blood Of Gruumsh - Better Get A Turd Wig, Because Shit's About To Get Ugly
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  I started out thinking that Dungeon Command wasn't all that hot, that the system itself lacked tension, and that it simply wasn't much fun. I played with people who liked the same kinds of games I do, and they didn't really like it either. I'm kind of surprised that Wizards keeps sending me these sets, considering that I didn't give an ultra-glowing review initially. But when I played with my one buddy who loves Dungeon Command, I seemed to like it a little more, as illustrated with my Curse of Undeath review. Add...
Wizards of the Coast releasing updated versions of classic Dungeons & Dragons modules
Press Releases S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3687   0
WotC is releasing updated versions of classic AD&D modules.
X-Wing - Lock $ Foils In Crack Addiction
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I'm not sure if it's because I'm cheap or because I'm a natural-born skeptic, but when it comes to gaming, I'm what one might call a "late adopter". I didn't get an Xbox 360 until 2010, I didn't start playing Heroscape until Wave 6, and I didn't get Mage Knight: The Board Game until about 3 weeks ago. This is especially true with anything collectible or "living", because the price for buying into a miniatures game is very high if you make a poor choice.  So, while I played Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures game...
Bisikle - Nothing To Do With Biking, Everything To With Awesome
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3511   0
  I love to play with my family, but with the range of kids I have, not to mention a picky wife, it's not always easy to put something in front of them that will work for everyone. Too difficult or complex, my youngest gets the "deer caught in headlights" look, too simple, the rest of us get the same look. So, when a game comes along that everyone can play, and that is a complete blast, it's an epic win. Bisikle just happens to be that very game, in...
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 2526   0
Anyone who has read my articles for any length of time knows that I'm not a huge fan of solo games that don't involve an electronic device. Long have I held the stance that board games are made for people to get together, have some fun and conversation, and really, the game is the centerpiece for a social gathering more than the sole purpose of just playing a game. So, when I recently traded for D-Day Dice in the Fortress: AT "Arms Trade", knowing that it was highly attuned to the frequency of solo gaming, I was...
Quarriors! - Quality Bits, But What A Fuqued Up Quame
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3807   0
I first reported on Quarriors! a long time back, when it was first released at a GenCon 2011. Anyhow, I played it three times and I talked to a bunch of people who had just dropped fifty bucks on it; unanimous love and gushing praise was on their lips. Well, after a year of not playing it, I decided to get a copy of it so my kid would have a game that we could play together that wouldn't bore me to death. Turns out that not only does my kid not want to play it, it bores me...
Strange Aeons - Two Parts Cthulhu + 2 Parts Diablo = The Best Narrative Game You've Never Heard Of
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  Every once in a while, a moment of clarity will occur in your life where you have to kind of sit back and re-evaluate just what the hell it is that you think you're doing. For some people, it's sitting in a bar, completely tossed and chain-smoking Marlboros, realizing they should quit the lifestyle before they become a sucked-up Iggy Pop look-alike. For others it's sitting, glazed, on the couch in a dope-fuelled stupor, perhaps concluding that you've been watching a TV that's not even on, and that you should put down the...
Curse of Undeath - Just When I Thought My Interest Was Dead...It Rose From The Grave!
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The Circus is BACK! Well, no, not really. Just for a minute. Maybe more.
Dungeon! - There's Something Disturbing About An Eleven Year Old Noting "Oh, Yes, There Will Be Blood!"
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Remember when you were around 8 years old, wearing a blanket as a cape while chasing your friend with a sword made of Christmas wrapper tube or a whiffle ball bat, and wielding an aluminum trash can lid as a +3 Shield of Stench? No? Well then my childhood was WAY fucking better than yours, because I do. There's nothing more fun than you and your friends beating the piss out one another with a whiffle ball bat. I mean, you wouldn't think it would hurt so much, but damn, it will teach you to defend yourself...
World Conquerors - Rome May Not Have Been Built In A Day, But Empires Can Be Built In Under An Hour
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My first brush with Jeff Siadek was at Origins 2011, where he was next to the Ninja Magic booth, selling copies of Battlestations. I introduced myself and told him I was a big fan of Battlestations. We chatted, and he was a truly nice, laid back kind of dude. One might not expect him to be a designer of conflict games based on his personality, but trust me, his latest creation under the Gorilla Games brand, World Conquerors (WC), has his trademark flair for carnage. That said, unlike Battlestations which is a very long game, WC is a one...
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