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Pete Ruth has been writing about games and culture for over five years, and has been playing board, miniature, and role playing games since 1981. By day, he's out saving the world, but by night, he's slaughtering zombies, acting as a Shogun of Imperial Japan, and bootlegging whiskey. Pete's rambunctious views on games and gaming can be found uncensored and unfiltered at

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ACTA: Star Fleet - Boldly Going Where Many Have Gone Before, But Doing It Better
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 4076   0
For almost 25 years I've been playing Star Fleet Battles and its derivatives, and while I'm still no expert, I know as much about them as anyone who has played them for any length of time. Ironically, it's not that I'm that enamored with Star Trek or the Star Trek universe, but more that I'm fascinated by the level of detail that Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) has put into the game, as well as the idea of big, cool-looking spaceships chewing through one another with energy weapons. Some of  the mechanics that they developed back in 1979 are still far superior...
Twilight Imperium II - 4x Because XXX Is Simply Not Sexy Enough For It
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated July 05, 2018 5879   0
One of the quirks about being human is being able to look back at our history and reflect upon it analytically. If you're a dog, you don't remember that I left the house 10 minutes ago, so when I come home, that dog is going batshit crazy as if I had been gone six years. Us, we remember, and we analyze. So, when I look back on our history, as a species, I can honestly say that we are a sad lot of murderous barbarians, by and large. I mean, in every era, you can find us beating their...
Dungeon Command - Lolth Stings Your Wallet Due To A Lack Of Heart?
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 6771   0
The key to every successful miniatures game ever made has been that it has the innate ability to create tension, to excite the players, and to draw them, as generals into the flames of the battle they are engaging in. It's not only tactics that count, although a sound system will reward good tactical players, it's something more. The game needs to invite players into its world, commanding its denizens to battle to the death for their banner. In short, a good skirmish game makes you feel like the battle matters.
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3338   0
I am still learning this interface, so forgive me. Go to the article at: if you want pictures. The "Copy From Notepad" method still is vexing me. Michael Barnes called this game "fun first", which I took to mean that the game is essentially a mess, but somehow manages to force players overlook the rudimentary design because they are enjoying themselves so much. I was intrigued, so I hit up Baksha Games for a review copy, and amazingly, they not only were courteous enough to comply, but sent me a couple others too! Now,...
Who's Got Game - Pantydroppin' Party Paraphernelia for Pedestrian Pimps And Players
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3166   0
There's this truly brilliant investigative journalist who creates a career out of learning about others' experiences and then writing novels about them, but unlike other journalists, he embraces the subjects of his novels. I sort of liken him to a modern day Studs Terkel, but instead of interviewing people on the street, he became those people and wrote about his varied experiences. One novel was about survivalism, which I've read and found to be entertaining and informative, and another, which is linked directly to this game, is a book about his experiences learning the art of sexual psychology from...
Consumerism, Criticism, And The Bernays Effect On The Board Game Industry
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 10456   0
There has been a great deal of hand-wringing about the lack of what people are calling "true criticism" in the board game industry, of late. What the hand-wringers are wringing wildly about is the idea that there aren't enough truly in-depth reviews on games, or games that speak from a level of experience; from the perspective of someone who has either mastered the game or has a trained enough eye to be able to spot the flaws in the gem that is a boardgame without actually having played it to death. I, personally, believe that games do not have...
Gettalife - Stacking The Deck, Turning Steamy Sex To Lukewarm, And Giving Death A Pass
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3079   0
So, out of the blue I get this email from a nice gent from New Zealand, asking me to review a new card game called "Gettalife", where you and several of your closest friends attempt to build a tableau of cards in four aspects of life in order to have the most fulfilling life. It's as if the designer wanted to help us all realize how utterly tepid our lives are by showing us what might have been. Luckily, I had so much fun playing the game that I was able to overlook the fact that I...
Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics - Set Phasers To Lame? Make It So, Ensign Wizkid
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 5434   0
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie. I like the franchise well enough, but the one thing I think that Star Trek does better than Star Wars or, really, any other space franchise, is space battles. Star Wars simply doesn't compare to the sheer scale of what Star Trek has, from really any standpoint. Star Wars has the Force, Lightsabers, and that's about it. I mean, I own the entire Action Fleet set from them and there's not that many unique ships. But Star Trek, I mean they have like several hundred...
Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics - Player Aid And Starmap
Member Blogs S SuperflyTNT Updated January 28, 2015 3768   0
Well, I've been playing a bit of the Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics game that came out a while back, and so far, it's exactly like Heroclix. And by exactly, I mean that big space ships like the Enterprise and Defiant have abilities like Mind Control, Super Strength, and the like. The downside is it totally skullfucks the theme from that perspective. The upside is that you can literally have the Avengers (who apparently took some HGH in massive doses) battle it out with giant spaceships, and the mechanics work perfectly. Just last night, on a lark, Hal Jordan kicked...
Star Trek: Expeditions - Unlike Walter Koenig's Accent, This Game Isn't Imitation Adventure
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I don't hate to be wrong, but I really hate to be wrong like this. I broke my own rules, which was stupid in and of itself, and I deserve the outrage that I will be receiving from people who I told were wrong. So, here goes: Reiner Knizia can make an Ameritrashy adventure game. There. I said it. I'm even prepared to say that as highly improbable as it is, the game he made is not only not atrophy your testicles from boredom, it in fact is brilliant fun. I still can't believe it myself, but it's true....
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