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Arkham horror organizer
Up Your Game
ubarose   February 18, 2011   35652   0
Fantasy Flight has announced yet another expansion for Arkham Horror. Some of you Arkham Horror completist are probably thinking, “Now how am going to store 450 additional cards?” So I thought this would be a good time for me to share with you how I organize my Arkham Horror set.
Up Your Game
ubarose   January 27, 2012   25579   0
When Z-Man published Tales of the Arabian Nights, they left out the Adventure Variant from the original game. In my personal opinion this means they left out the game part of the game. As Zev has pointed out to me, it's my own fault, since when he was asking for input on how to overhaul the game, my peeps and I never spoke up. I'm making up for that now by giving you this variant so you can put the game back into Tales of the Arabian Nights Maybe someday Z-Man will release this as a...
Captain Blood
Board Game Reviews
ubarose   February 18, 2008   17859   0
In case you weren’t aware. Barnes & Nobel is having its annual clearance sale on the games they got in stock for the holidays. Most of them are crap, but Pirate King caught my eye. If you are jiggling your car keys as you read this, hoping I’ll get to the point quick so that you know whether or not you should race out to B&N immediately to snag your copy of Pirate King before they are all sold out, here’s the short version. If you like Merchants of Venus and Talisman, you will get your $17.50 (or $8.75...
Shadow Hunters Board Game
Board Game Reviews
ubarose   August 14, 2008   13083   0
Overshadowed by the release of Arigricola, Shadow Hunters debuted this weekend at WBC with little fanfare. While copies of Z-man's English edition of Arigricola were rushed to Lancaster in a Dunbar truck accompanied by an armed escort and a medical team, Shadow Hunters was unceremoniously packed into cardboard boxes for transport and appeared stacked on the Z-man table with nothing more than a post-it note displaying a discount price. It was easy to miss Shadow Hunters in the crowded vending room, or mistake it for a poor selling clearance item. Fortunately, I did neither and was able to...
Mansions of Madness 1st edition
Staff Blogs
ubarose   March 05, 2011   11340   0
I adore it. If you are looking for an 'objective review' that describes Mansions of Madness' mechanics, gameplay, and the depth of its in game decisions, look elsewhere. This is't a review; it's a totally subjective rave. What Castle Ravenloft does for D&D, Mansions of Madness does for Call of Cthulhu. When we used to play Call of Cthulhu, it was never a monster bash. It was about the mystery, and the story. As the GM it required a lot of work on my part. In addition to the prep work, I had to really think...
1D3 Hot
Staff Blogs
ubarose   July 28, 2009   11135   0
So I went over to The Grid, which is where my game group meets, to try and buy 1D3. I like to buy stuff at The Grid, since they let us play there, and are super nice, but they mostly sell CCG and D&D stuff there, so pretty much I just buy dice and card sleeves, and junk like that there. They keep all their stuff behind a counter, which is kind of a pain, but makes sense, so I had to wait for someone to help me. Jamie, who doesn't even work there, but is...
Circus Train board game
Staff Blogs
ubarose   May 25, 2010   11076   0
I am infatuated with Circus Train. I've only played the Basic game a few times, but it is the only game I can think about. I spend my idle moments plotting ways to get someone to play the multiplayer Advanced game with us - and then the Advanced game with the Event Card variant - and then the Advanced game with the Event Cards, and the Special Talent chits. So far I have only convinced Francie Pants and a few other people to play the Basic game with us. After the first time...
ubarose   December 09, 2008   10703   0
  Flaster Siskin, designer (left) & Cliff Cramp, artist (right)  On November 13 Flaster Siskin left this rather enigmatic comment on my review of Pirate King. I am sorry to inform you, but the product available at Tuesday Morning is a discontinued, unauthorized and unlicensed version of the game. I must recommend that you do not buy it from there. The New & Authentic version is currently available at Thought Hammer As Sag says: Whoa -- that is a pretty BIG chunk of information you just dropped. Would you care to elaborate a bit? Since, Flaster didn't reply,...
ubarose   January 21, 2009   10043   0
The following article is re-printed with the kind permission of the author from his webstite In response to our e-mail requesting permission to post the article and explaining what Fortress Ameritrash was about, Mr. Harris had this to say: I have a great liking for the games you mention. Fury of Dracula is one of my all time favourites and I will never forget the game of Dune where my army was wiped out when my wife destroyed the Shield Wall. I should...
At the Gates of Loyang
Staff Blogs
ubarose   July 24, 2012   9431   0
At the Gates of Loyang is a game about getting vegetables and exchanging them for other vegetables and then exchanging those vegetable for money which is used to buy points. That should be explanation enough for why I hate it. But it isn't.   
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