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Board Game Reviewer

In west Saint Louis born and raised
Playing video games is where I spent most of my days
Strafing, Dashing, Adventuring and Looting
Writing reviews between all the Shooting
When a couple of guys reminded me what was so good
About playing games with cardboard and Wood,
Collecting Victory Points and those Miniatures with Flair
It’s not as easy as you think to rhyme with Bel Air.

Wade is the former editor in chief for Silicon Magazine and former senior editor for He currently enjoys his games in the non-video variety, where the odds of a 14 year old questioning the legitimacy of your bloodline is drastically reduced.

“I’ll stop playing as Black when they invent a darker color.”

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Rants & Raves
WadeMonnig   October 15, 2018   1306   1
Sometimes, there is a difference between what game you have played the most and what is your favorite. Leaving out the classics board games such Monopoly, Poker, and Clue, that have decades long head starts on modern board games, I tried to narrow down what game I have played the most. Some games, like Coup, have the advantage of short play time and virtually no set-up. Others, like King of Tokyo or Magic, have been around long enough to fall into the modern classic category. Even taking those into account, the game I have played this most is Evolution:...
X-Files: Conspiracy Theory
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   October 08, 2018   600   1
"Welcome to whose conspiracy is it, anyway? Where everything is made up and the points don't matter"
Seikatsu Board Game
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   September 25, 2018   1362   2
Zen and the Art of Flocking Birds
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   September 24, 2018   859   1
Fruit as a plot device?
WadeMonnig   September 03, 2018   1138   2
Go to new cities, learn their locations, and mispronounce their names.
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   August 28, 2018   782   2
Can Level 99 create CCG like Magic without all the hunting and gathering?
WadeMonnig   August 13, 2018   1231   2
With the “upcoming” (things have always been a little “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” with the release dates of GaleForce 9's products) release of the Doctor Expansion packs for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, I reached out to Andrew Haught, designer of the title, to speak to him about the game, expansions, and all things “Whovian.”
Carthage board game
Board Game Reviews
Raf Cordero and Wade Monnig   July 23, 2018   1067   1
Raf and Wade hit the arena...and find common ground.
Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats Review
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   July 16, 2018   1354   2
Thrillin' adventures indeed. 
Bitten Board Game
Board Game Reviews
WadeMonnig   June 19, 2018   1174   2
Does this look infected to you?
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